Colonel Tim Sands Associate Provost

Colonel Tim Sands

Colonel Tim Sands is the Associate Provost, United States Air Force Institute of Technology, Ohio. Colonel Sands oversees and ensures the highest standards of academic quality in both graduate and Professional Continuing Education (PCE) instruction and in the Institute's research programs. He is responsible for the faculty promotion and tenure process; achieving and sustaining institute and program accreditation; development of new, distinctive and innovative academic programs; and long-range planning for sustaining and improving academic program quality. He also advises and assists the Chancellor and deans in recruiting and selection of key faculty members.

Colonel Sands came on active duty in 1993 from NC State University as a space acquisition professional. He later became a career electronic warfare officer who flew combat missions in the B-52 bomber in Serbia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He served as a weapons officer, an evaluator, an instructor, a professor, and a researcher. Colonel Sands held staff assignments at Air Force Materiel Command, Air Combat Command, Seventh Air Force, and the Air Force Exchange Program. 
Bachelor of Science      Mechanical Engineering          North Carolina State University
Professional Degree      Mechanical Engineering         Columbia University
Master of Engineering   Space Operations                  University of Colorado
Master of Science         Space Studies                       University of North Dakota
Graduate Certificate      Astronautical Engineering      UCLA
Doctor of Philosophy     Astronautical Engineering      Naval Postgraduate School
Defense Language Institute, Mandarin-Chinese Language course(s), 2008 - present
Squadron Officers School, Maxwell AFB, AL
Intermediate Developmental Education (w/ACSC corr.), Naval Postgraduate School, CA
Service Chief’s Fellow (w/AWC corr.), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, VA
1.  1993 – 1995, Spaceflight Mission Planner, Space and Missiles Systems Center, CA
2.  1995 – 1997, Propulsion Engineer, Space & Missiles Systems Center, CA
3.  1997 – 1998, Student Navigator, then Electronic Warfare Officer, NAS Pensacola, FL
4.  1998 – 2000, Electronic Warfare Officer, 20th Bomb Squadron, Barksdale AFB, LA
5.  2000 – 2001, Assistant Flight Commander, 20th Bomb Squadron, Barksdale AFB, LA
6.  2001 – 2002, Flight Commander, 20th Bomb Squadron, Barksdale AFB, LA
7.  2002 – 2004, Assistant Operations Officer, 96th&11th Bomb Sq., Barksdale AFB, LA
8.  2004 – 2007, PhD Student, Naval Postgraduate School, CA
9.  2007 – 2008, CSAF Cyberspace Taskforce Subject Matter Expert (SME),Pentagon, DC
10. 2007 – 2009, Chief of Plans, 53d Electronic Warfare Group, Eglin AFB, FL
11. 2008 – 2009, Strategic Studies Group (HAF/CK CHECKMATE) SME, Pentagon, DC
12. 2009 – 2010, Deputy Division Chief, Combat Plans, Osan Air Base, R.O.K.
13. 2010 – 2011, Service Chief's Fellow, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
14. 2010 – 2013, Military Faculty, Space Systems, Naval Postgraduate School, CA
15. 2013 – Present, Chief Academic Officer, Air Force Institute of Technology, OH
Rating: Senior Navigator (Electronic Warfare Officer)
Flight Hours: ~2,000 with over 600 in combat  (Serbia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq)
Weapons Systems: T-34C, T-1A, B-52H, AN/USQ-163 Falconer AOC
Other qualifications: Army Air Assault, Navy SCUBA, OPFOR Academy, 
                              Foreign Weapons School, AF Weapons School
Senior Acquisitions Badge (APDP Level III in PM, level III in T&E, level II in SPDRE)
Theodore Von Karman Award - most outstanding contribution to national defense
Air Combat Command Engineering Achievement Award
Air Force Materiel Command International Award (Program Management)
Air Medal with three oak-leaf clusters
Aerial Achievement Medal with oak-leaf cluster
Air Force Combat Action Medal
Air Force Recognition Ribbon
Kosovo Campaign Medal with battle star
Afghanistan Campaign Medal with two battle stars
Iraq Campaign Medal with two battle stars
Korea Defense Service Medal
NATO Medal
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Adaptive Controls
Spacecraft Rotational Mechanics
Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control
Advanced Mechanics and Orbital Robotics
Advanced Heat Transfer
Signals and Systems
Chinese technical translation
Dynamics & control flexible spacecraft structures
Spacecraft attitude control with control moment gyroscopes
Adaptive controls
Physics-based modeling
System identification
Model Predictive Control