Center for Cyberspace Research (CCR)

Center for Cyberspace Research (CCR)
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Cyberspace 200/300 Courses
Current as of: 12/08/2015

Degree Type: Professional Continuing Education

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Cyberspace 200
A professional development course for cyberspace professionals as they transition to intermediate level responsibilities. The course is designed for the entire 17D career field, as well as other cyberspace professionals. Refreshes and provides breadth on concepts taught in Undergraduate Cyber Training (UCT). Provides an appreciation of the design, development, and acquisition of cyberspace systems. Explores cyber asset capabilities, limitations, and vulnerabilities and associated application and employment in Joint military operations. Keeps cyberspace professionals current with the quickly changing technology of the cyber arena.
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Cyberspace 300
  A professional development course for cyberspace professionals as they transition from intermediate to higher level responsibilities. Students are provided a broad background in cyber concepts, including capabilities, limitations and vulnerabilities and their associated application and employment in joint military operations. Graduates have the ability to apply cyber tools and concepts at an operational and strategic level.

Cyberspace 300 Fact Sheet

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Contacts for Student Enrollment
The Space and Cyberspace Professional Management Office
Comm: (719) 554-5398

DSN: 692-5398 

Contacts for Course Content / Operations
Lt Col Joseph Wingo, Director, Cyber PCE

Ms. Susan Warden,  Cyber 200/300  Operations

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Cyber 100 and CCFC





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