COURSE:  WENG 481 Simplified Facility Design

OBJECTIVE:  To provide fundamental tools to design simple facilities while in garrison and deployed.

DESCRIPTION:  This course includes theories, principles, and techniques for designing simple facilities supporting contingencies, humanitarian operations, and other missions. Specific areas covered include determining facility requirements and scope, site development, preliminary design, final design, and design review of a simple facility. A significant number of hours are dedicated to fundamental design in the areas of Civil, Structural, Roofing, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, and Fire Suppression. Design considerations will include site selection, sustainable design, Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection/Resource Protection, load calculations, and code compliance. This course is technically challenging and students will be expected to complete a series of design exercises in and out of the classroom culminating in a final facility design.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Civil Engineering Lieutenant or junior Captain.

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Junior civilians in CEP, NCOs and SNCOs meeting other prerequisites.

GRADE:   Officer: O1-O3; Enlisted: E5-E9; Civilians: GS7-GS13, WS15+ - see prerequisites for degree

PREREQUISITES:  Bachelor's in Engineering or Architecture. Civil Engineer officers must successfully complete WMGT 101 prior to attending.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  NOTE: Due to the selection process involved in this course, students will be notified approximately two to three weeks prior to the course start date.


COURSE CREDIT:  5.5 CEUs in compliance with IACET standards


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07-Mar-2016 to 18-Mar-2016 / WPAFB Resident (Registration closes 22-Feb-2016)
01-Aug-2016 to 12-Aug-2016 / WPAFB Resident (Registration closes 18-Jul-2016)



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