COURSE:  WENG 520 Comprehensive Planning Development

OBJECTIVE:  For each student to comprehend the diverse interrelated disciplines of planning, design and the environment, as well as to enhance their skills to effectively manage or contribute to comprehensive planning functions on an Air Force Base.

DESCRIPTION:  This course increases the student's ability to implement and manage the Base Comprehensive Planning process. The increasing complexity and visibility of the community planner's job requires knowledge and skills in many diverse yet intricately interrelated topics. The course is organized along three areas of instruction: (1) Introduction to Organization and Role (2) Core Competencies of the Planner (3) Ancillary Planning Information and Professional Development. The majority of the course will address topics to the base level community planner. Environmental planning and architectural design/presentation are introduced to provide both background knowledge and practical skills to increase the student's effectiveness as a base community planner. The integration of these disciplines is reinforced through a practical planning exercise. (In-residence Workshop).

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Community Planner, Architect, Landscape Architect

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Design Engineer, Project Programmer, Engineering Flight Commander, Installation Management Flight Commander, Airfield Manager, EIAP Manager, Energy Manager, and MAJCOM Equivalent

GRADE:   Officer: O1-O3; Enlisted: E5-E9; Civilians: GS7-GS13

PREREQUISITES:  Bachelor's or higher in architecture, planning, or other disciplines within the design sciences. Course work or experience in design, and physical planning is desired.

DELIVERY METHOD:  This is a composite Web-based/In-Residence course offered by the Civil Engineer and Services School (CES). Web-based Course: approximately 30-35 hours of course work and testing. This three-week course combines self-paced video-type lessons with computer interaction between students and course directors via the Blackboard system. In-Residence Workshop: 15-20 students will attend a follow-on, AFIT-funded workshop to apply the concepts covered in the Web course. Successful completion of the web course is a prerequisite for the workshop. Individuals interested in attending the workshop should apply for it at the same time they apply for the web course.

COURSE CREDIT:  2.5 CEUs for resident and 2.5 CEus for web

COURSE LENGTH:  See Delivery Method block above

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22-Jun-2015 to 26-Jun-2015 / WPAFB Resident (Registration closes 08-Jun-2015)



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