COURSE:  WENV 021 Introduction to Installation Restoration Program (IRP) Course

OBJECTIVE:  For each student to learn the objectives, principles, and mechanics of the Installation Restoration Program (IRP) and understand the interrelationships between the technical, legal, and community relations aspects of the program. At the end of the course, the student should be a more effective team member for an installation's IRP and be able to direct actions such as financial planning and programming.

DESCRIPTION:  This course provides both the theory and an explanation of the management philosophy behind the various aspects of the IRP to provide integrated education to familiarize students with the requirements, procedures, and responsibilities of the program. It takes a logical approach to the IRP by first developing the physical and regulatory laws that govern environmental restoration. Second, the actual Air Force program is introduced. Included are reviews of the current Research and Development technologies and case studies for actual site remediation. The course then presents lessons designed to help the students obtain the resources required for program execution (contracting, programming, etc.). Finally, the course deals with community relations. Throughout, case studies and guest lecturers are used to demonstrate successful IRP actions.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  IRP Attorney, IRP Public Affairs Specialist, New IRP Support

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  BEE, Real Estate, RAB Community Co-chair, Service Center Representatives, Contracting, Regional and State EPA counterparts

GRADE:   Officers: O3-O5; Enlisted: No; Civilians: GS7-GS13

PREREQUISITES:  High school graduate or above

DELIVERY METHOD:  Satellite (0900-1200 EST)

COURSE CREDIT:  3 CEUs in compliance with IACET standards


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27-Apr-2015 to 01-May-2015 / WPAFB Resident (Registration closes 13-Apr-2015)



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