COURSE:  WENV 160 Qualified Recycling Program Management (ISEERB approved for all DoD Components)

OBJECTIVE:  For each student to understand the Department of Defense requirements for operating a Qualified Recycling Program (QRP). Students will be able to successfully plan and execute an installation Qualified Recycling Program.

DESCRIPTION:  This ISEERB designated course emphasizes principles and techniques to assist students in implementing a sound Qualified Recycling Program. The course focuses on learning what products can be recycled, products prohibited from recycling, QRP regulations, necessary processing equipment, collection and sorting methods to maximize returns, working with your DRMO, establishing contracts, recording transactions, DoD recordkeeping, and estimating future budgets.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Installation Qualified Recycling Program Managers, Installation Pollution Prevention Program Managers who manage the QRP.

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Pollution Prevention Program managers who supervise Qualified Recycling Program Managers, Environmental Flight Chiefs, other recycling program personnel

GRADE:   Officers: O1-O5; Enlisted: E4-E7; Civilians: GS7-GS12 and NAF equivalent


COURSE CREDIT:  3 CEUs in compliance with IACET standards


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