COURSE:  WENV 222 Hazardous Materials Management Process (HMMP) Course

OBJECTIVE:  The objective of this course is for students to understand the hazardous materials management process (HMMP) and comprehend the role that the HMMP plays in overall environmental, safety, and occupational health (ESOH) compliance and minimization of hazardous materials risks and costs IAW AFI 32-7086. Upon completion of the course, students will be expected to understand their integrated role within HMMP concepts and provide flow-down training at their installation as a member of the HMMP team.

DESCRIPTION:  This course emphasizes hazardous materials (HAZMAT) management with a focus on the most current AF guidance and instruuctions supporting an ESOH Management System (ESOH-MS) with goals of hazard and risk reduction while enabling the mission. The course introduces management techniques for operating a sound Installation HAZMAT Management Program(IHMP) (including Weapon Systems HAZMAT Program (WSHP) and Ozone Depleting Substances Program (ODSP)). Specific topics include an overview of AFI 32-7086, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Management, HAZMAT storage, HAZMAT authorization process, HAZMAT procurement and shelf-life management. The course will also include a day of hands on use of the automated information system (EESOH-MIS) with the objective being how to use the system to effectively manage the data needed to ensure an effective installation IHMP.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  YOU MUST NOTE ON YOUR ON-LINE APPLICATION IF YOU ARE A CORE HMMP TEAM MEMBER: Installation Hazardous Materials Program Manager; The following HMMP team members: Environmental, BioEnvironmental, Ground Safety, HAZMART; Unit Environmental Coordinator (UEC); Quality Assurance Evaluators (QAE)s with direct HMMP responsibility

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Other HMMP Team Members; Other Process Authorization Reviewers, EMS Cross-Functional Team Members, Support Agencies (AFCEE, AFCESA, USAFSAM)

GRADE:   Officers: O1-O5; Enlisted: E2 - E9; Civilians: All grades to include WG employees

PREREQUISITES:  High school graduate or above

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  The 16E offering (14-18 Mar 2016) is for USAFE students only and is being funded for USAFE Personnel only




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15-Aug-2016 to 19-Aug-2016 / WPAFB Resident (Registration closes 01-Aug-2016)



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