COURSE:  WMGT 570 Civil Engineer Superintendent Course

OBJECTIVE:  To enhance each student's knowledge of Civil Engineer and related processes to better prepare future CE SNCO & Civilians for serving as a flight superintendents. To introduce managing multiple CE personnel (mil & civ) and better understand the working relationship between the 12 career fields six squadron flights, AFCEC, MAJCOM A7, and Air Staff personnel. *Completion of this course is "mandatory" for all active-duty Civil Engineer SMSgts.

DESCRIPTION:  Students will learn a broad range of Civil Engineer related knowledge and processes to include doctrine, mission, history, organizational structure, assignments, manpower, resources, flight responsibilities, training, deployments, military/civilian personnel, joint service, career field interaction, and leadership perspectives.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  CE Flight Superintendent


GRADE:   Officer: No; Enlisted: SMSgt & selects primary audience/MSgt secondary audience; Civilians: WS12/GS11+ primary audience/WS9-11 secondary audience

PREREQUISITES:  Completion of CCAF Degree & SNCOA (corr) required for active-duty personnel.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Online Course Registration is only for those members that have been notified of selection by AFIT
The AFIT CE School will directly contact “active-duty” CE SMSgts for a future class attendance date after AFPC release of the SMSgt promotion roster during the month of March. Out-of-cycle “active-duty” SMSgt promotees will be notified by the AFIT CE School after the 15th of each month upon release of the monthly AFPC Supplemental promotion roster. For available CE ANG, RES, MSgt (active-duty), and Civilian training quotas, please contact your respective enlisted HQ CE MAJCOM Functional Manager for sign-up. For those not assigned to an AF MAJCOM, please contact the AFIT MGT- 570 Course Manager at


COURSE CREDIT:  6 CEUs in compliance with IACET standards


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02-Feb-2015 to 13-Feb-2015 / WPAFB Resident (Registration closes 19-Dec-2014)
16-Mar-2015 to 27-Mar-2015 / WPAFB Resident (Registration closes 30-Jan-2015)
03-Aug-2015 to 14-Aug-2015 / WPAFB Resident (Registration closes 19-Jun-2015)



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