COURSE:  WMGT 571 Civil Engineer Civilian Supervisor Course

OBJECTIVE:  To enhance each student's knowledge of Civil Engineer and related processes to better prepare civilian leaders for serving as a civilian shop, superintendent, or deputy flight chief. To introduce managing multiple CE personnel (mil & civ) and better understand the working relationship between the six squadron flights, AFCEC, MAJCOM A7, and Air Staff personnel.

DESCRIPTION:  Students will learn a broad range of Civil Engineering related knowledge and processes to include organizational structure, civilian/enlisted personnel management, asset/project management, manpower, resources, AF formal training, awards program, and senior officer/civilian/enlisted leadership.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Operations Flight civilian supervisors (WS-9-WS-12)

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  CE Flight civilian supervisors (GS-9+)

GRADE:   WS-9+; GS-9+

PREREQUISITES:  Minimum 1-year supervisory experience

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Online Course Registration is only for those members that have been notified of selection by AFIT
Please contact your respective enlisted HQ CE MAJCOM Functional Manager for sign-up. Training quotas are distributed to the MAJCOMs based upon CE civilian wage grade population. The AFIT CE School will directly notify CE civilians selected by their HQ CE MAJCOM Functional Manager to attend future class dates. For those not assigned to an AF MAJCOM, please contact the AFIT MGT-571 Course Manager at TO APPLY: This course is available for on-line sign-up only for those CE civilians who have been notified directly by the AFIT MGT-570 Course Manager of an approved training quota. Please contact the AFIT CE School at if you have further questions.




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13-Apr-2015 to 17-Apr-2015 / WPAFB Resident (Registration closes 27-Feb-2015)
22-Jun-2015 to 26-Jun-2015 / WPAFB Resident (Registration closes 08-May-2015)



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