COURSE:  WTSS 100 Topics in Air Force Electrical Systems and Safety

OBJECTIVE:  To familiarize students with current guidance and policy on electrical safety and design.

DESCRIPTION:  This course is intended to address emerging topics in the areas of electrical systems safety, design, and policy. The course presents the updates in these areas and refreshes existing policy contained in Engineering Technical Letters (ETLs), Unified Facilities Criteria (UFCs), Air Force Instructions (AFIs), National Fire Protection Agency Code (70, 70E, and 101), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (C2, 1547), and other applicable guidance and code. The course covers principles and procedures related to emerging requirements such as software analysis and design of electrical systems, arc flash studies and requirements, emergency generation design and approval procedures, electrical safety program requirements, and/or changes to electrical systems design specifications or procedures. Each day will be a complete training session, which provides attendees an option to participate either or both days.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  All CE civilian, military, and BOS contractor electrical engineers, power production technicians

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  BCE's, Operations or Maintenance Flight Chiefs, Programs Flight personnel, and any other personnel who work on or acquire emergency and standby generator systems

GRADE:   Open to all grades and ranks

PREREQUISITES:  No restrictions

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  If interested in attending, please contact Capt Birju Patel at DSN 785-5654 x3537; or Capt Levi Davis at x3628 or

DELIVERY METHOD:  Satellite/Web Broadcast



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11-Aug-2015 to 13-Aug-2015 / Satellite Broadcast (Registration closes 17-Jul-2015)



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