The Civil Engineer School


How do I register?

A list of courses provided by the Civil Engineer School (CES) is located on the Course Catalog page. 

To apply:

  • Select the desired course to continue to the course registration screen 
  • Register by selecting an offering date and clicking the 'Apply' button at the bottom
  • At the application screen, complete the application form and click the 'Submit Application' button to complete. 

Each course is designed for a specific audience and many courses require prerequisites and/or education requirements.  It is important to read through the description carefully to ensure the course is suitable for your needs.

When can I register?

Enrollment of courses at the Civil Engineer School opens when a course offering is posted on the website.  Satellite and resident courses close fourteen (14) days prior to the class start date.  Seats are allocated on a first come/first serve basis for primary audience members followed by secondary members. 

It is important to apply early during the enrollment period.  The application form collects all the information needed to process an application and additional paperwork is not required from military or civilian employees of the U.S. Government. 

Contractors may attend courses and should follow the 'Contractor enrollment process' as defined on the application page.

How do I know I'm accepted for the class?

Your Supervisor must approve the application and the Course Director will need to evaluate the application against your credentials before attendance is accepted.  This process is automated and you will be informed via email as each step occurs. Several factors depend on your acceptance of a seat in the class offering, such as supervisors approval, seat availability, credentials match the intended audience, and when you applied.  If we CAN provide a seat, you will be sent reporting information.  

If it is a satellite class offering, you will be expected to secure a class room through your base education center and a facilitator must be in place as part of your acceptance criteria.

When you are admitted, we will send you specific information for the class. In all cases, you will be kept informed via email.

Cancellation Policy 

To avoid receiving a Late Cancellation Notice, please cancel no later than ten (10) working days prior to the class start date. 

We look forward to your participation!

Questions?  Send an email to  Type the words 'Application Process' in the subject line and your question in the message block.


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