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eForums are unscheduled, virtual communication, and/or training opportunities for anyone in the Civil Engineer Career Field. The Civil Engineer School utilizes our distance learning studio and Telepresence technology to broadcast live via web streaming. eForums are a zero cost method to communicate to a large group quickly and efficiently without leaving the office.

If you are interested in learning more about this unique capability please email the CE School’s eForum coordinator by clicking here or call 937-255-5654 ext 3510.


Recent eForums

"FY 15-16 CAMP & FY 17-21 AMP Business Rules:
Natural Infrastructure IPL Investment Methodology
Presented by Chuck Cyr, AFCEC/CPAD

"FY 15-16 AMP/CAMP Business Rules:
Natural Infrastructure: EQ Programming Guidance"
Presented by Roger Wilkson/Andy Johns AFCEC/CZCP

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