Officer Education Record Updates/Corrections

Officer Education Record Updates/Corrections

AFIT is responsible for maintaining the academic records for active duty, guard and reserve officers of the USAF. The academic classification (coding) section receives thousands of transcripts annually. Upon receipt of your college transcript, our coding staff determines the appropriate academic specialty code (ASC), and updates that data, along with the school code and academic level (baccalaureate, masters, doctorate, professional degrees), into the Military Personnel Data System (MILPDS). This information is used for assignments, promotions, AFSC determinations, and other personnel actions.

Note: The section cannot update Professional Military Education (PME) - SOS, ACSC, etc, or any type of board certification or short course training items. For information on this and other frequently asked questions click here.

The most common updates are: Bachelors Degrees, Graduate Work - No Graduate Degree A.K.A. Bachelors Plus, (15 semester hours or 22 quarter hours), toward the award of the master's degree, master's degree, master's plus (30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours toward the award of the PhD), and PhD. The section also updates professional degrees (medical, law, chaplain, etc). NOTE: For Bachelor's Plus and Masters Plus all credits must be on a single universities transcript. We do not have the authority to combine hours from multiple schools. We will accept transfer hours as annotated.

In order to obtain an educational level update; an official transcript from the university may be mailed or e-mailed from the registrar's office reflecting your degree progress or graduation. (E-mails are preferred to be in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format and must be the official transcript. We cannot accept electronic documents from the student.)

Requirements Complete/Pending Graduates Only (Graduate Degree Levels Only)

An official letter from the university registrar on university letterhead may be mailed or e-mailed to our office. The letter must contain the following information: Name, SSN, degree level, major area of study, date of graduation (for future graduation dates we will accept the requirements completion date as a substitute), and the letter must be physically signed by the Registrar and must be on university letterhead. We will not accept letters stating pending, status, should graduate, or audits pending. All letters must reflect all pre-graduation actions are complete. (Note: We do not accept letters for Bachelors degrees, Bachelors Plus or Masters plus updates) This update is valid for a onetime 45 day entry in your records please plan accordingly for your needs. You will need to have an official transcript sent to us on or after the graduation date in order to make this a permanent entry in your records.

All mailed correspondence requesting updates to academic level should be addressed to:
AFIT Academic Coding Branch
2950 Hobson Way
Wright-Patterson AFB, Oh 45433-7765

Phone: (937) 255-6565, x4324
DSN 785-6565, x4324