Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Program Details

Electrical Engineering
Current as of: 09/23/2014

Degree Type: MS

Program Description

In the Electrical Engineering program, the student is provided with the challenging opportunity of pursuing a versatile course of study reflecting the student's desires, background and future responsibilities. The student selects from a variety of specialties which are covered in depth and which probe the frontiers of engineering and scientific knowledge. Special-study courses are available to study emerging technology and its application for solving problems. Advanced concepts and applications are emphasized throughout the program and the thesis research.

Enrollment and graduation data for ABET-accredited Electrical Engineering master's degree program are located on AFIT'S Institutional Data Webpage.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Breadth. Apply foundational scientific concepts and sound engineering principles to efficiently and effectively advance Air Force and DoD technological capabilities.  Depth. Are well-educated, highly valued, and successful engineers and scientists.  Teamwork. Significantly contribute to technical interdisciplinary team projects. Professionalism. Professionally communicate technical solutions and results.  Lifelong Learning. Continue to pursue lifelong multidisciplinary learning as professional engineers and scientists.

Student Outcomes (SOs)

  1. Provide an in depth and comprehensive understanding of Electrical Engineering.
  2. Enhance the ability of students to learn, on their own, technical details for which they are responsible.
  3. Enhances the ability of a student to apply the knowledge learned to solve technical problems that arise in research they conduct or supervise.
  4. Enhance the ability of a student to study an issue, identify and evaluate alternative actions, propose an optimal course of action.
  5. Enhance the ability of a student to prepare technical point papers, brief their seniors, and defend their conclusions.

School and Program Admission Requirements

  • Degree Required: ABET accredited BS degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering
  • Mathematics Required: Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Test Required: GRE - 153V/148Q
  • GPA Required: Overall - 3.0 Mathematics - 3.0 Major - 3.0

Waivers to the above criteria may be granted on a case by case basis. Therefore, individuals whose academic credentials fall below any of the above criteria are encouraged to apply.

Degree Requirements

Coursework (24 hours)

Choice of Sequences
  • Electromagnetic Engineering
  • Electronic Circuits and Devices
  • Software Engineering
  • Digital Engineering
  • Communications
  • Digital Communications Networks
  • Radar
  • Guidance, Navigation, and Control
  • Electro-Optics
  • Observables Reduction
  • Signal Processing

Math (8 hours)

System Engineering (4 hours)

Thesis (12 hours)

Specific courses are determined based on the student's selected area of specialization/emphasis. In general, each area has a defined set of core courses and follow-on elective " emphasis" courses. The 8 hours of required mathematics courses are included in the course requirements for some of the specializations.