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14 OR Minimal Vechicle Beddown Approximations, Theater Distro Models

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14 OR Automatic Target Recognition Using Nonlinear Autoregressive Neural Networks

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14 OR Analysis of a SCADA System Anomaly Detection Model Based on Information Entropy

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14 OR A Methodology for Measuring Resilience in a Satellite-Based Communications Network

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14 OR Salient Feature Selection using Feed-Forward Neural Networks and SNR with a Focus Toward Network Threat Detection and Classification

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14 OR The Military Inventory Routing Problem with Direct Delivery

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14 OR Analysis of Biological Agent Spread

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14 OR Value Focused Thinking Approach Using Multivariate Validation for Junior Enlisted Performance Reporting (JEPR) in the United States Air Force

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14 OR A Markov Decision Process Model for the Optimal Dispatch of Military Medical Evacuation Assets

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14 OR Improving the Air Mobility Command's Air Refueling Route Building Capability

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14 OR Reconstruction Error and Principal Component Based Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery

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14 OR Application of a Multi-Objective Network Model to a Combat Simulation Game: "The Drive on Metz" Case Study

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14 OR Proper Splitting Theater Distribution Model for Force Flow Analysis

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14 OR Optimizing Flight Schedules by an Automated Decision Support System

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14 OR Fragment Capture Simulation for ManPads Test Arena Optimization

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14 OR A Heuristic Approach to the Theater Distribution Problem

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14LOG - Empirical Analysis of Human Capital, Learnining Culture, and Knowledge Management as Antecedents to Organizational Performance: Theoretical and Practical Implications for Logistics Readiness Officer Force Developement

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14 LOG - Mixed Methods Approach to Identify Factors and the Extent to Which They Influence Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor Use

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14 LOG - KC-46 Workforce Requirements for Depot Maintenance Activation

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14 LOG - Optimizing the Disposition and Retrograde of United States Air Force Class VII Equipment from Afghanistan

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14 LOG - Development of Availability and Sustainability Spares Optimization Models for Aircraft Reparables

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14 LOG - DoD Operational Energy Strategy: A Content Analysis of Energy Literature from 1973 - 2014

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14 LOG - Simulating F-22 Heavy Maintenance and Modifications Workforce Multi-Skilling

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14 LOG - Towards Reengineering the United States Department of Defense: A Financial Case for a Functionally-Aligned, Unified Military Structure

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13 OR Horn's Curve Estimation Through Multi-Dimensional Interpolation

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13 OR - Urgent Aeromedical Evacuation Network Capacity Planning

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13 OR - A Mixed Integer Programming Model for Improving Theater Distribution Force Flow Analysis

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13 OR - Aerial Refueling Simulator Validation Using Operational Experimentation and Response Surface Methods with Time Series Responses

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13 OR - Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery Care: Demand Forecasting, Staffing and Treatment Planning

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13 OR - Operational Planning of Channel Airlift Missions Using Forecasted Demand

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13 OR - Control Variates and Optimal Designs in Metamodeling

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13 OR - A Network Analysis of Social Balance in Conflict in the Maghreb

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13 OR - Overestimating Ballistic Flash with Biased Linear Regression

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13 OR - Evaluating Courses of Actions at the Strategic Planning Level

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13 LOG - USAF Aircraft Maintenance Officer Knowledge, Skills and Abilities and Commonalities Among the Logistics Officer Corps

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13 LOG - Continuous Process Improvement at Tinker Air Logistics Complex Testing a Toyota-like Improvement Model

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13 LOG - Foreign Military Sales: A historical review of Argentina's purchases

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13 LOG - Identifying, Tracking, and Prioritizing Parts Unavailability

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13 LOG - Supplier Quality Assessment Requirements (SQAR) and TAG Submission Analysis: Improving the Initial Submission Process at the F-22 Depot

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