Department of Systems Engineering & Management

Department of Systems Engineering & Management
AFIT Faculty: Lt Col Jonathan D. Ritschel
Name: Lt Col Jonathan D Ritschel
Title: Director, Graduate Cost Analysis Program
Commercial Phone: 937-255-3636 X4441 ()
DSN Phone: XX ()

BBA - Accountancy: University of Notre Dame

MS - Cost Analysis: Air Force Institute of Technology

PhD - Economics: George Mason University


My research interests are in the fields of economics and cost analysis.  Specific areas of interest are: Public Choice, the effects of acquisition reforms on cost growth in DoD weapon systems, research and development cost estimation, and economic institutional analysis.



1.      Ochs, K.S., Miller, M.E., Thal, A.E., and Ritschel, J.D. (2014) “A Proposed Method for Analyzing Infrastructure Investment Decisions Involving Rapidly Evolving Technology: A Case Study in LED Streetlights,” Journal of Management in Engineering, 30(1), 41-49.
2.      Ritschel, J.D. (2013). “Impact of Political-Economy Variables on Cost Growth in Military Weapon System Contracts,” Journal of Public Procurement, 13 (4).
3.      Ryan, E.T., Schubert, C.M., Jacques, D.R., and Ritschel, J.D. (2013). “A Macro-Stochastic Model for Improving the Accuracy of Life Cycle Cost Estimates”, Journal of Cost Analysis and Parametrics, 6: 43-74.
4.      Ryan, E.T., Jacques, D.R., Ritschel, J.D. and Schubert, C.M. (2013). “Characterizing the Accuracy of DoD Operating and Support Cost Estimates,” Journal of Public Procurement, 13 (1), 103-132.
5.      Ritschel, J.D. (2012). “Efficacy of U.S. Legislation in Military Acquisition Programs: Nunn-McCurdy Act Unveiled,” Economic Papers: A journal of applied economics and policy, 31: 491-500.

Teacher of the Year, Department of Systems Engineering and Management (2013)

Certified Cost Estimator/Analysts (2003)


COST 510: Principles of Cost Estimation

COST 520: Advanced Concepts in Cost Estimating

COST 630: Defense Cost Economics

COST 674: Seminal in Cost Analysis

ECON 520: Managerial Economics
ECON 580: Funamentals of Mathematical Economics

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