Department of Systems Engineering & Management

Department of Systems Engineering & Management
AFIT Faculty: John M. Colombi
Name: John M Colombi
Title: Associate Professor of Systems Engineering, Dept. of Systems Engineering and Management
Associate Dept Head of Distance Learning
Commercial Phone: 937-255-3636 (x3347)
DSN Phone: 785-3636 (x3347)

1996      Doctor of Philosophy

              Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

              Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

              Generalized Hidden Filter Markov Models.  Advisor: Dr Dennis Ruck          


1992       Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Distinguished Graduate)

               Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

               Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

               Cepstral and Auditory Model Features for Speaker Recognition.

                     Advisor: Dr Stephen K. Rogers


1986       Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Cum Laude, AFROTC DG)

               University of Lowell, Lowell, MA



System Architecture, System of Systems, Modeling and Simulation, Complex Systems Science, Enterprise Architecture, Defense Acquisition analysis


Colombi, J., & Cobb, R. (2009). Application of systems engineering to rapid prototyping for close air support. Defense Acquisition Review Journal, 16(3), 284-303.

Colombi, J., Miller, M. E., Schneider, M., McGrogan, J., Long, D. S., & Plaga, J. (2012). Predictive mental workload modeling:  implications for system design. Journal of Systems Engineering, 15(4), 448-460.
Colombi, J. M., Cobb, C., & Gallegos, D. (2012). Live-virtual-constructive capabilities for testing and training. Int’l Journal of Test and Evaluation (ITEA), 33(1), 49-57.
Colombi, J. M., Jacques, D. R., & Strouble, D. D. (Dec 2008). Maximizing warfighter capability using surveyed necessity measurement. Defense Acquisition Review Journal, 15(3), 241-259.
Colombi, J., Cohee, B., & Turner, C. (2008). Interoperability test and evaluation: A system-of-systems field study of current policy and practice Crosstalk: Journal of Defense Software Engineering, 21(11), 10-14.
Ford, T. C., Colombi, J. M., Jacques, D. R., & Graham, S. R. (2009).
A general method of measuring interoperability and describing its impact on operational effectiveness. Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation: Applications, Methodology, Technology, 6(1), 17-32.
Ford, T. C., Colombi, J. M., Jacques, D. R., & Graham, S. R. (2009). On the application of classification concepts to systems engineering design and evaluation. Journal of Systems Engineering, 12(2), 141-154.
Hardman, N., & Colombi, J. (2012). An empirical methodology for human integration in the SE technical processes. Journal of Systems Engineering, 15(2), 172-190.
Hardman, N., Colombi, J. M., Jacques, D. R., Hill, R. R., & Miller, J. (2009). An empirical function allocation method and its application to traffic collision avoidance. International Journal of Applied Aviation Studies, 9(2), 133-153.
Hardman, N., Jacques, D. R., Colombi, J. M., Hill, R., & Miller, J. (2013). Requirements elicitation through legacy mishap analysis, american institute of aeronautics and astronautics (AIAA) journal of aerospace information systems, vol. 10, no. 3 (2013), pp. 105-113. 10(3), 105-113.
Mailloux, L. O., Grimaila, M. R., Hodson, D. D., & Colombi, J. M. (2013). A practical assessment of security design patterns. Int’l System Security Association Journal, 11(9), 29-35.
Rogers, S. K., Colombi, J. M., & Martin, C. E. (1995). Neural networks for automatic target recognition. Neural Networks, 8(7/8), 1153-1184.
Ryan, E., Jacques, D., & J. Colombi, J. (2012). An ontological framework for clarifying flexibility-related terminology via literature survey. Journal of Systems Engineering, 16(1), 99-111.

2011, 2012      ENV Department Educator of the Year

2011    Ohio Magazine Excellence in Education

2005     AFIT Instructor of the Quarter (Summer, Fall)

2004      AFIT Instructor of the Quarter (Fall)


SENG 640 System Architecture (Resident and DL)

SENG 520 SE Design and Process (Resident and DL)

SENG 593 Software Systems Engineering

SENG 650 Application of SE II

SENG 560 Introduction to Human Systems Integration

SENG 740 Advanced Topics in System Architecture (Resident and DL)

IMGT 580 Enterprise Architecture

SENG 653 Concept Definition and Systems Analysis

CSCE 593 Introduction to Software Engineering

CSCE 590 Engineering Software-Intensive Systems (Resident and DL)

SENG 629 Research Methods Seminar (DL)

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