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AFIT Faculty: Anthony N. Palazotto
Name: Anthony N. Palazotto
Title: Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Dept. of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Commercial Phone: (937) 255-3636 (4599)
DSN Phone: 785-3636 (4599)

BS, New York University, 1955; MS, Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, 1961 PhD, New York Unversity 1968. Professor Palazotto's interests include nonlinear mechanics, shell analysis, finite elements, composite materials, viscoplasticity and nonlinear dynamics. Dr.Palazotto is the coauthor of a textbook, "The Nonlinear Analysis of Shell Structures" published by the AIAA in 1992. He contributed a chapter to the text .Buckling of Composite Plates, published by Chapman and Hall in 1995. In addition he has coauthoredover 219 archival technical publications and made more than330 presentations at technical conferences. Dr. Palazotto received the Hetanyi Award in 1982 from the Society of Experimental Mechanics, the Cleary Award in 1981 from the Air Force Material Lab , the Structures, Structural Dynamics and Material Award from ASCE in 1986,and the AIAA achievement award in 2004. Dr.Palazotto is a Fellow of the ASCE; Fellow of AIAA, and a Fellow in the American Academy of Mechanics. He is a registered professional engineer in the state of Ohio. Dr. Palazotto has advised over 156 MS theses and 29 PhD dissertations. He was awarded the Outstanding Engineer and Scientist Award from the Affiliate Council of Dayton in April, 2011. He was honored with the title of Distinguished Professor Aerospace Engineering.


My research is in the areas of structural dynamics, shell structures, fatigue, fracture mechanics, and high energy impact. I am presently working on problems including wear at high velocity; micro air vehicle dynamics, creep of crystal structures under fatigue loading and high temperature; impact of composite plates;strucural health monitoring, and thermal stress analysis. Each problem has both experimental and numerical considerations. The work extends from the theoretical to the applied. Dr. Palazotto has obtained more than $4.5 million dollars in research funding.



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