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SYS 106 - Opportunities within a Multi-Generational Workplace

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Offering Dates Location
16I-O O Jun 23 2016 - Jun 24 2016 Peterson AFB, CO
16N-O O Jun 27 2016 - Jun 28 2016 United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), CO
16J-O O Jul 14 2016 - Jul 15 2016 Langley AFB, VA
16K-O O Aug 04 2016 - Aug 05 2016 Hill AFB, UT
16L-O O Aug 18 2016 - Aug 19 2016 Tinker AFB, OK
16M-O O Sep 15 2016 - Sep 16 2016 Robins AFB, GA

This course is designed to enhance the interaction of the Acquisition Workforce in the workplace and in teams. It will provide students an understanding of generational expectations, their potential impact on the changing workplace and tools to influence generational behavior in a positive manner. We will define the generations including myths and then delve into generational expectations and preferences in the areas of Communication and Engagement, Work- life Flexibility, Continual Development, Leadership of and by Generations.

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Open to all acquisition personnel

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