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REQ 111 - Air Force Capability Based Operational Requirements Course

Current Offering Dates & Locations:
Offering Dates Location
16H-O O Jun 07 2016 - Jun 09 2016 Rosslyn, VA
16I R Jul 12 2016 - Jul 14 2016 AFIT - Wright-Patterson AFB (Area B), OH
16J-O O Aug 02 2016 - Aug 04 2016 Colorado Springs, CO
16K-O O Aug 30 2016 - Sep 01 2016 Langley AFB, VA
17A-O O Nov 01 2016 - Nov 03 2016 Rosslyn, VA
17B-O O Dec 06 2016 - Dec 08 2016 Hurlburt Field, FL
17C-O O Jan 10 2017 - Jan 12 2017 Barksdale AFB, LA
17D-O O Feb 07 2017 - Feb 09 2017 Randolph AFB, TX
17E-O O Mar 07 2017 - Mar 09 2017 Colorado Springs, CO
17F-O O Apr 04 2017 - Apr 06 2017 Langley AFB, VA
17G-O O May 02 2017 - May 04 2017 Rosslyn, VA
17H-O O Jun 06 2017 - Jun 08 2017 Scott AFB, IL
17I-O O Jul 11 2017 - Jul 13 2017 Offutt AFB, NE
17J-O O Aug 08 2017 - Aug 10 2017 Colorado Springs, CO
17K-O O Sep 11 2017 - Sep 14 2017 Langley AFB, VA

This course is specifically designed for the new MAJCOM, FOA, ALC, and HQ AF officers, analysts and system program office personnel who write or review operational capability requirements documents. The objective is to enhance the effectiveness of personnel directly developing the definition, validation, and refinement of operational capabilities. Each student will understand the hierarchy of Air Force requirements, the roles and responsibilities of AF organizations in the requirements process and how it fits with the acquisition and test processes. The class takes an in-depth look at the requirements activities to support acquisition decisions and milestones. It covers the staffing, coordination, validation and approval process for requirements documents. The class members also get hands-on experience with case studies for actual air force capabilities-based requirements documents. Students who successfully complete this course will be able to: 1. Understand the capabilities based planning process and the basics of requirements generation. 2. Explain the operational capability requirements process and its interface with the acquisition process. 3. Identify the steps involved in Air Force and Joint staffing, validation and approval of requirements documents. 4. Recognize the format and content for each section of an ICD, CDD and CPD.

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Commercial: (937)255-7777 ext.
DSN: 785-7777 ext.


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The targeted grade/rank structure is Master Sergeant to Chief Master Sergeant, Second Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel, and GS-9 to GS/M- 14.

Course Length:
3 days



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