STAT in T&E Center of Excellence

STAT in T&E Center of Excellence
AFIT Faculty: Dr. Raymond R. Hill
Name: Dr. Raymond R Hill
Title: Professor of Operations Research
Commercial Phone: 937-255-6565 (7469)
DSN Phone: 785-6565 (7469)

Bachelor of Science, Eastern Connecticut State University, May 1983, Field of Concentration: Mathematics.

Master of Science, Air Force Institute of Technology, December 1988, Thesis Title: Nonlinear Optimization Involving Polynomial Matrices and Their Generalized Inverses.

Doctor of Philosophy, Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Ohio State University, March 1996. Dissertation Title: Multivariate Sampling with Explicit Correlation Induction for Simulation and Optimization Studies.


My research interests fall into three main areas. The first is in the area of applied statistics in particular the application of design of experiments methodologies to test and evaluation. The second is the area of mathematical optimization and in particular the use of heuristic search methods for addressing particularly hard problems. The third is in the area of applied simulation modeling and analysis with particular interests in the area of agent-based modeling and the validation of such models.


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