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Congratulations on your graduation from AFIT! We hope that you found the resources available at the The D'Azzo Research Library to be useful research tools.

Once you graduate, your access to AFIT's fee-based, online reference tools must come to an end. This is due to the licensing agreements that we have in place with our database vendors. We are only allowed to offer licensed (fee-based) databases to faculty, staff, and enrolled AFIT students.
Fortunately, your new organization very likely has a USAF/DoD library assigned to meet your specific research needs. Please try to identify the library that serves your new organization soon after your arrival. This will allow you to set up your account and learn about local resources BEFORE you have a time sensitive project on your hands!
In addition, there are many excellent resources available to you at no charge. The following websites can get you started with most general DoD topics:
  • DTIC. The Defense Technical Information Center’s database contains citations for and often the full text of defense-related research reports.  DTIC includes reports and theses from all of the U.S. military schools and reports from agencies such as GAO, DoD IG, CNA, RAND, LMI and many others. If you set up a DTIC R&E Gateway account, you will get access to the set of unclassified but non-public reports on the database.  See DTIC's registration page for more information.
  • Air Force Portal
  • List of more free databases
In addition to being valuable source for local information and recreation, public libraries can help you with career related reference. Many public libraries offer significant online research databases, but most require a valid library card number for authentication, because of the licensing agreements that the library signs with their vendors. For example:
Local colleges/universities can often offer access to the more exclusive databases (such as INSPEC) to those who visit the library in person. It is wise to call ahead to confirm availability and to inquire about parking.

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