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REL 410 - Reliability and Reliability Growth Foundations II ***IN DEVELOPMENT***

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15A-O O Mar 23 2015 - Mar 27 2015 Hill AFB, UT
15B-O O Apr 06 2015 - Apr 10 2015 Robins AFB, GA
15C R Apr 20 2015 - Apr 23 2015 AFIT - Area B, WPAFB, OH
15D-O O May 11 2015 - May 15 2015 Hanscom AFB, MA
15E-O O Jun 09 2015 - Jun 12 2015 Eglin AFB, FL
15F R Jul 27 2015 - Jul 31 2015 AFIT - Area B, WPAFB, OH
15G-O O Aug 24 2015 - Aug 28 2015 Edwards AFB, CA
15H-O O Sep 14 2015 - Sep 18 2015 Kirtland AFB, NM

NEW COURSE IN DEVELOPMENT. This five day course reinforces the fundamentals from REL 310 and looks more closely designing for and the impact of reliability. Focus is on both the proactive approach of designing reliability into the system up front (Design for Reliability) and the reactive Reliability Growth modeling. Emphasis is on understanding advanced reliability and Reliability Growth principles, identifying and understanding reliability challenges, and using tools available to the practitioner to plan, assess, track, and project reliability. Students will be able to construct the Reliability Growth curves now required in Test and Evaluation Master Plans for major systems. The students will be able to verify that appropriate early engineering work is being performed to produce cost-effective reliable products. The course also provides information to identify or produce contractual language that encourages suppliers to develop reliable products.

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REL 310 - Reliability and Reliability Growth Foundations I

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