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SYS 269 - Intermediate Human Systems Integration

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Offering Dates Location
16F-O O Mar 08 2016 - Mar 10 2016 Robins AFB, GA
16G-O O Apr 05 2016 - Apr 07 2016 Hill AFB, UT
16H-O O May 10 2016 - May 12 2016 Hanscom AFB, MA
16I-O O Jun 07 2016 - Jun 09 2016 Peterson AFB, CO
16J R Jul 19 2016 - Jul 21 2016 AFIT - Wright-Patterson AFB (Area B), OH
16K-O O Sep 13 2016 - Sep 15 2016 LA AFB, CA

This comprehension-level course builds upon the foundational knowledge from SYS 169 Introduction to Human Systems Integration (HSI). It will help students comprehend the role of HSI as part of the systems engineering process in the Requirements, Acquisitions, and Sustainment lifecycle phases by answering the questions: “How?", “When?", and “Where?” for HSI. Graduates will comprehend how HSI is woven throughout the entire lifecycle and where to find technical assistance in order to help Requirements Developers, Acquisitions and Sustainment personnel make timely, effective, and efficient technical and programmatic decisions.

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SYS 169 - Introduction to Human Systems Integration

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Acquisition and Sustainment Personnel

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3 days



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