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SYS 150 - Engineering Data Management

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This is a web-based course administered through AFIT Online.

This course provides engineering data managers, formerly(EDMO), program managers, engineers, logisticians, equipment specialist and other specialists with the management concept that underlie the acquisition of engineering data. The management responsibility of the engineering data managers is the primary theme. This course develops the engineering data acquisition concepts from identification of engineering data requirements through preparation, development, and sustainment of engineering data. This course will address the types and use of engineering data as defined by government directives and industry standards. This course will review in detail the responsibilities of the engineering data manager in the total acquisition and development cycle and interface with other logistics/engineering disciplines and demonstrate the importance of coordination with these disciplines. Other areas of discussions are guidance conferences, drawing in- process reviews, quality control, data rights, and engineering drawing inspection and interpretation.

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Commercial: (937)255-7777 ext.3131
DSN: 785-7777 ext.3131

Completion of WSYS 110, Fundamentals of Data Management is recommended, but is not mandatory.

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"Offerings 16A and 16B are being sponsored by AFLCMC/EN-EZ and therefore AFLCMC students will have priority to quotas. This course provides the Program Office’s Configuration and Data Managers and Engineering Data Management Specialist (AFLCMC/LZP) with the concepts of acquiring engineering data to support a Program Office’s Acquisition Strategy. This course covers the engineering data acquisition process to identify, acquire, review, approve and store engineering data. This course will cover data strategy, data rights requirements, types of engineering data, and reviews, and final inspection and acceptance of the engineering data. Priority is given to the C/DM and EDMS acquisition professional, however program managers, engineers, logisticians, equipment specialist and other program office functional may find this course useful in understanding the overall acquisition process for engineering data."

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Open to Non-US personnel (MASL# D179035). This course is open to any personnel who need to understand the acquisition and management of Engineering Data, to include personnel working in engineering data, program managers. logisticians, equipment specialists, and others who work with engineering data or interface with those who do. All grade levels are welcomed, but we recommend that personnel be in grades levels GS-5 and above, SSgt through CMSgt, Second Lieutenant or higher.

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4 days



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