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SYS 208 - Life Cycle Risk Management Course

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Offering Dates Location
15I-O O May 19 2015 - May 21 2015 Hill AFB, UT
15J-O O Jun 02 2015 - Jun 04 2015 LA AFB, CA
15K-O O Jun 23 2015 - Jun 25 2015 Tinker AFB, OK
15L-O O Jul 07 2015 - Jul 09 2015 Peterson AFB, CO
15M-O O Jul 21 2015 - Jul 23 2015 Gunter AFB, AL
15N-O O Aug 18 2015 - Aug 20 2015 Robins AFB, GA
15O R Sep 15 2015 - Sep 17 2015 AFIT - Area B, WPAFB, OH

***COMPLETION OF SYS 118, INTRODUCTION TO LIFE CYCLE RISK MANAGEMENT, IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BEFORE ATTENDING THIS COURSE*** This course covers the basics of acquisition/program risk and how to effectively manage risk throughout a program's life cycle to achieve program goals within cost and schedule constraints. New DoD and Air Force regulations and guidance related to Life Cycle Risk Management (LCRM) are covered. The five-step LCRM process is introduced and tools and techniques associated with this process are explained. Students work in simulated Integrated Product Teams on a real-world acquisition exercise to apply these techniques to help reinforce the concepts and importance of program risk management.

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Commercial: (937)255-7777 ext.3247
DSN: 785-7777 ext.3247


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Civilian grades GS-5 and higher, all military ranks. The course is primarily targeted for anyone involved in new acquisitions, sustainment of systems, or the management of services. Knowledge of DoD acquisition is desired, but not required.

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3 days



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