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Financial Management Courses
Details    FAM 103    Air Force Fundamentals of Acquisition Management (AFFAM)
In-Residence or On-site Course
Details    FIN 150    Current Topics in Financial Management
e-Learning Course
Details    QMT 290    Integrated Cost Analysis
In-Residence or On-site Course
Details    SYS 213    Management of the Manufacturing Readiness Process
In-Residence or On-site Course
Details    SYS 281    AF Acquisition and Sustainment Course
In-Residence or On-site Course
Details    WKSP QMT 490    Current Topics in Cost Estimating
In-Residence or On-site Course
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September 2014
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 SYS 153

2 FAM 103
LOG 143
WKS 0649

3 SOT 210
SYS 383

4 WKS 0649




8 FAM 103
SOT 310
SWE 350
SWE 450
9 LAB 202
REL 310
REQ 111
SYS 108





15 IPM 301
LOG 299

16 REL 310
SYS 279
SYS 282

17 LOG 199
SYS 281





22 SYS 108

23 WKS 0649


25 WKS 0641





30 WKSP QMT 490