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Details    FPM 101    Fundamentals of Project Management
e-Learning Course
Details    LAB 102    Introduction to Science & Technology (S&T) Program Management
e-Learning Course
Details    LAB 150    AFRL R&D Case File Management Course ***INACTIVE***
e-Learning Course
Details    LOG 099    Fundamentals of Logistics
e-Learning Course
Details    LOG 103    Centralized Asset Management Process For Weapon System Sustainment
e-Learning Course
Details    LOG 109    Fundamentals of Industrial Maintenance
e-Learning Course
Details    LOG 117    Process Improvement Team Member Course
e-Learning Course
Details    LOG 135    Systems Lifecycle Integrity Management (SLIM)
e-Learning Course
Details    LOG 140    Logistics Readiness Officer (LRO) Contingency Operations Course
e-Learning Course
Details    LOG 141    Logistics Readiness Officer (LRO) Distribution
e-Learning Course
Details    LOG 142    Logistics Readiness Officer (LRO) Materiel Management
e-Learning Course
Details    LOG 143    Logistics Readiness Squadron Quality Assurance Evaluator Course
e-Learning Course
Details    LOG 209    Concepts of Industrial Maintenance Mgmt
e-Learning Course
Details    LOG 210    Applied Concepts of Industrial Maintenance Management
e-Learning Course
Details    LOG 309    Concepts of Industrial Operations Mgmt
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 028    Introduction to Configuration Management
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 031    Intelligence in Acquisition Life Cycle Management
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 110    Fundamentals of Data Management
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 112    Systems Requirements Document (SRD) Development Course
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 113    Introduction to Assessing Manufacturing Readiness
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 116    Introduction to Air Force Airworthiness Certification
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 118    Introduction to Life Cycle Risk Management (LCRM)
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 138    System of Systems
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 153    Early Tester Involvement Course
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 154    Test Planning, Execution, and Reporting
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 155    Life Cycle Systems Engineering and OSS and E ***INACTIVE - SEE SYS 182***
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 163    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 169    Introduction to Human Systems Integration
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 175    Contract Depot Maintenance Repair Process
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 182    Introduction to Systems Engineering
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 183    Basics of Architecture
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 186    Critical Safety Item (CSI) Orientation Course
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 196    Integration of ESOH into Systems Engineering for Weapon System Acquisition
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 197    Integrating ESOH into Systems Engineering, A Practitioner's Guide, Part I
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 198    Integrating ESOH into Systems Engineering, A Practitioner’s Guide, Part II
e-Learning Course
Details    SYS 316    Advanced Air Worthiness Certification Course
e-Learning Course
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19 SYS 383
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