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Interns and Research Assistants: The Heart of a Center’s Research Capability
Research assistants and the Directed Energy Summer Interns program are two examples of CDE’s execution of its tri-fold focus on research, education, and innovation, and directly support the AFIT mission and vision. CDE research efforts also deliver high quality products to the tri-service DoD DE community.
Updated: 07/14/2008
AFIT/LS provides briefing to AF Life Cylce Logistics Workforce Reconstitution Focus Team
The Sustainment Curriculum Portfolio Program acts as the focal point for the creation of a comprehensive digital storage space for AF logistics and sustainment education and training. The SCP program consists of the three dedicated personnel located at AFIT's School of Systems and Logistics.
Updated: 07/14/2008
AFIT and Center for Cyberspace Research designated the Air Force Cyberspace Technical Center of Excellence
On June 19, 2008, the Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Air Force designated the Air Force Institute of Technology and the Center for Cyberspace Research as the Air Force’s Cyberspace Technical Center of Excellence.
Updated: 06/24/2008
AFIT Graduates Class of June 2008
Seventy-two scientists, engineers, and management specialists are the recipients of graduate and doctoral degrees from the Air Force Institute of Technology. AFIT's Graduate School of Engineering and Management held its June 2008 graduation ceremony Thursday, 19 June, in the Institute's Kenney Auditorium. The graduating class was awarded 66 master's degrees and six doctorates.
Updated: 06/23/2008
AFIT professor receives Captain P.V.H. Weems Award
AFIT's Advanced Navigation Technology Center professor Dr. Peter Maybeck was honored at the IEEE/ION Position Location and Navigation Symposium (PLANS) in Monterey, CA, with the “Captain P.V.H. Weems Award” for his lifelong accomplishments in navigation education and research.
Updated: 06/12/2008
Autonomous Indoor Micro Air Vehicles
The motivation of current work being done at AFIT is to address the limitations of the current precision navigation methods by fusing non-GPS sensors. AFIT’s Advanced Navigation Technology Center, in an effort to take on the challenges involved with these kinds of problems, is developing a micro air vehicle capable of fully autonomous indoor flight using low-cost rotary wing aircraft.
Updated: 06/12/2008
First Ever AFIT Heritage Symposium 25-26 September
To celebrate our history and to look to the future, AFIT will host its first ever Heritage Symposium on 25-26 September 2008. During this two-day spectacular, we will learn first-hand from some of our most successful graduates how their AFIT education played a critical role in their careers and why AFIT is more relevant than ever to deliver future capabilities in newly emerging mission areas such as cyberspace.
Updated: 06/11/2008
A Safe Opportunity for Practical Learning
No practitioner-oriented education, regardless of the discipline, would be complete without figuratively placing students behind the wheel. Such is the case with the AFIT School of System and Logistics’ Software Professional Development Program.
Updated: 06/10/2008
Four AFIT students win Dayton-Cincinnati Aerospace Sciences Symposium awards
Four Air Force Institute of Technology students received awards from the Dayton-Cincinnati Aerospace Sciences Symposium at a banquet on 22 May.
Updated: 06/09/2008
Process Improvement Driving Positive Change
The challenge: How can we give AFIT/CE students the reprographic materials they need to maximize their education while ensuring we don’t waste resources by giving them materials they don’t need? The solution: Examine and improve the process through an AFSO21 event!
Updated: 06/06/2008
Incoming AFIT student receives Arthur S. Flemming Award
Maj. Timothy Bode, one of the Air Force Institute of Technology’s incoming students, has been selected as a recipient of the 2007 Arthur S. Flemming Award. This very prestigious award honors junior government employees for excellence in leadership and management.
Updated: 05/28/2008
AFIT student receives SECAF Leadership Award
Capt. Peter Mastro, currently an AFIT/ENY graduate student, was selected as the #1 student from all 2007 Squadron Officer School classes. Capt. Mastro was awarded the 2008 Secretary of the Air Force Leadership Award for this accomplishment.
Updated: 05/28/2008
AFIT Dean Awarded IIE's Highest Honor
Dr. Marlin U. Thomas, Dean of AFIT's Graduate School of Engineering and Mangement, was presented the Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engineering Award by the Institute of Industrial Engineers at the IIE Annual Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in May.
Updated: 05/23/2008
AFIT Supports AF Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Symposium
At the Air Force ESOH Symposium, 1,500 installation-level Air Force military and civilian students attended 22,680 student-hours of instruction in 108 course topics. Of the course topics, 12 were taught by AFIT instructors.
Updated: 05/12/2008
AF CSE Leads Charge for Human-Friendly Systems
The latest issue INCOSE's quarterly publication featured the theme of Human Systems Integration. The Air Force Center for Systems Engineering at AFIT played a significant role in the development of this theme issue of INSIGHT, reaching thousands of systems engineers worldwide.
Updated: 05/12/2008
Architecting the Joint Force
The Department of Defense is seeking methods to operate more efficiently in an era of simultaneous warfighting and recapitalization. One of those methods actually adapts traditional architecture to something called capability architecture.
Updated: 05/12/2008
AFIT Cyber Operations/Warfare Education and Research Programs
One of the cultural changes affecting the Air Force is to determine how to grow a cyberspace workforce to meet highly dynamic challenges. AFIT, through its graduate education and research programs, is providing leadership in developing the cyberspace workforce for the Air Force for today and in the future.
Updated: 05/05/2008
AFIT teams top scorers in Cyber Defense Exercise
The Air Force Institute of Technology's Computer Science and Computer Engineering 528 and 628 classes participated in the Spring 2008 Cyber Defense Exercise. The students went above and beyond expectations as AFIT was the only school to remain uncompromised this year. AFIT's Team 2 took the top score and Team 1 was right behind in second place.
Updated: 05/02/2008
AFIT thesis team named as AETC nominee for 2008 AFIT Systems Engineering Award
The Joint Precision Airdrop System Thesis Team from AFIT has been selected as the AETC Nominee for the 2008 AFIT Systems Engineering Award. Recent graduates Capt. Richard Brown, Maj. Arthur Cartwright, and Capt. Bryon McClain are the authors of nominated thesis, “Evaluation of Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) Aircraft Integration Concepts Utilizing Activity-Based Methodology (ABM).”
Updated: 04/25/2008
AFIT student finalist in ASME paper competition
Amber McClung, a DAGSI PhD student AFIT/ENY, authored a paper that has been selected as a finalist in the 2008 American Society of Mechanical Engineers Pressure Vessel and Piping student paper competition.
Updated: 04/25/2008
Civil Engineer and Services School – Consultation is our Mission!
AFIT's CESS has assembled one of the most accomplished corps of engineer and services experts DoD-wide, touting expertise in airfield pavements engineering, power systems, contingency design, construction programming, emergency management, hospitality management, military protocol, air quality management, and dozens of other unique bodies of knowledge. As a result, the Air Force exploits this corps of experts in a life-long learning relationship that CESS knows as “the consultation.”
Updated: 04/15/2008
Logistics Education Transformation
For many years, we have been witness to Logistics transformation in the guise of eLog21, from creating Regional Supply Squadrons to the newly established Global Logistics Support Center. AFIT's School of Systems and Logistics has been heavily involved in educating the Logistics Readiness Officer on these transformation initiatives.
Updated: 04/15/2008
An Unexpected Opportunity While TDY
A recent TDY serving as an analyst for an exercise at Ramstein AFB turned into an opportunity to serve on a JTF for a real-world scenario. AFIT professor Lt Col Rob Neher (ENC) and recent AFIT graduates were participating in Austere Challenge 08 when they were asked to extend their stay and support JTF Nomad Fire.
Updated: 04/15/2008
AFIT Graduates Class of March 2008
AFIT’s Graduate School of Engineering and Management held its March 2008 graduation ceremony Thursday at the Dayton Masonic Center. The graduating class was awarded 247 master’s degrees and seven doctorates (one student was awarded a dual master’s degree).
Updated: 03/28/2008
AFIT Center Wins 2007 USAF Modeling and Simulation Planning Award
The Center for Directed Energy, an AFIT Center of Specialized Research, was recently presented the 2007 USAF Modeling and Simulation Planning Award. The Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation presents this award annually to USAF teams that have provided outstanding contributions to USAF M&S personnel in support of the warfighter.
Updated: 03/26/2008