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AFIT School of Systems and Logistics gets the job done!
The Strategic Logistics Management seminar, LOG 399, was held at Yokota AB, Japan, and presented to 34 students by 17 different guest speakers without costing AFIT a cent.
Updated: 11/13/2007
Women’s combat contributions evident throughout nation’s independence
By Col. Robyn King Air Force Institute of Technology Dean of Students
Updated: 11/13/2007
AFIT's Civil Engineer and Services School closes out another successful year!
The Civil Engineer and Services School offers tailor-made courses given by some of the very best instructors in the Air Force. FY07 included some outstanding highlights, and FY08 is shaping up to be just as successful.
Updated: 11/13/2007
AFIT/CE's Maj. Chris Senseney selected as Federal Engineer of the Year
Maj. Chris Senseney, of AFIT's Civil Engineer and Services School, was selected as the Air Force winner of the National Society of Professional Engineer's Federal Engineer of the Year in the Military Category.
Updated: 11/13/2007
AFIT SPASS Lab Achieves “(AF) Blue Glow”
The Air Force Institute of Technology's newest laboratory, the Space Propulsion Analysis and System Simulator (SPASS), has just reached a major milestone. The inside of the two meter diameter vacuum chamber is currently glowing a distinctive Air Force blue.
Updated: 11/13/2007
AFIT/LS Hosts Tri-Service Software Acquisition Education & Training Strategy Session
Maj. Chris Bohn, Director of AFIT’s Software Professional Development Program, recently took the lead for a “software acquisition improvement” effort and is working with a select group to improve the acquisition of software and software-intensive systems.
Updated: 10/11/2007
Academy Grad and AFIT/CI Student Named 2007 Cadet of the Year
Second Lt. Brandon Dues was named the 2007 U.S. Air Force Cadet of the Year for his accomplishments during four years at the United States Air Force Academy. Lt. Dues is now attending training at the Pardee RAND Graduate School in Santa Monica, Calif., through AFIT’s Civilian Institution Programs.
Updated: 10/09/2007
AF Center for Systems Engineering Conducts Senior Council Meeting
On 11 Oct 2007, the Air Force Center for Systems Engineering conducted its annual Senior Council meeting. The Council provides advocacy, advice, and counsel to support the mission of the Air Force Center for Systems Engineering.
Updated: 10/09/2007
New Environmental Impact Analysis Process Course to be Offered
A new course covering the Environmental Impact Analysis Process will be offered by AFIT’s Civil Engineer and Services School and will focus on methods the Air Force uses to implement the National Environmental Policy Act via the EIAP program.
Updated: 10/09/2007
AFIT Graduates Class of September 2007
More than thirty scientists, engineers, and management specialists are the recipients of graduate and doctoral degrees from the Air Force Institute of Technology. AFIT’s Graduate School of Engineering and Management held its September 2007 student recognition ceremony Thursday in the Institute’s Kenney Auditorium.
Updated: 09/14/2007
Joint Engineer Operations Course Matured at Ft. Leonard-Wood
The Joint Engineer Operations Course was created to remedy the suboptimal results at the Joint Task Force level where engineers face the unfamiliar task of pairing requirements with the engineering resources of the entire U.S. military, and not just their own respective service.
Updated: 09/12/2007
AFIT/LS Instructors Key to the New AF Independent Logistics Assessment Process
Two of AFIT/LS’s instructors recently participated in the Air Force and Navy’s Integrated Logistics Assessment of the country’s newest jet fighter, the Joint Strike Fighter (F-35). In addition to the F-35 ILA, the instructors are working with HQ AFMC/A4 to develop a new course on the administration of ILAs.
Updated: 09/12/2007
AFIT's COAL Laboratory Maximizes Flexibility and Performs Combustion Research
The AFIT Combustion Optimization and Analysis Laser Laboratory was designed to maximize flexibility and include as much capability in performing world class combustion research as possible. The laboratory includes gaseous as well as liquid fuel injection, large volume air delivery systems, and both conventional and advanced diagnostic equipment.
Updated: 09/12/2007
AFIT Faculty Head North
Faculty members from the Center for Operational Analysis and the Department of Operational Sciences paid a visit to our Canadian allies in Kingston, Ontario, from 18–22 June 2007. In addition to creating ties with RMC, this visit also laid out a plan for increasing collaboration between the US and Canadian military OR communities.
Updated: 08/14/2007
AFIT's CESS Plays Integral Role in
Through the Civil Engineer and Services School, working in combination with the AF Services Agency in San Antonio, and the AF Services Career Program office, a program was put together to take some of the best education and training from other AFIT courses.
Updated: 08/14/2007
AFIT Students Conduct Payload Testing at Johnson Space Center
Air Force Institute of Technology students from the Graduate School of Engineering and Management's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics recently completed testing of their flight hardware experiment in preparation for an upcoming Shuttle mission, STS-123. Final testing is now underway at AFIT, with a planned delivery of the hardware to the Kennedy Space Center later on this year for a launch on the Shuttle in February 2008.
Updated: 07/10/2007
CESS Sustainable Design Curriculum “LEEDs” to Healthy and Efficient Buildings
Engineers are turning to the Civil Engineer and Services School at the Air Force Institute of Technology to reduce the impacts of our buildings and create healthy workplaces.
Updated: 07/09/2007
Operational Sciences Appoints New Department Head
Dr. Jeffery K. Cochran was recently named Department Head of the Department of Operational Sciences at AFIT's Graduate School of Engineering and Management.
Updated: 07/09/2007
Wild Ride at a Not-So-Wild Organization
AFIT School of Systems and Logistics Course Director shares experience as president of the local (Aviation) chapter of the American Society of Military Comptrollers.
Updated: 07/09/2007
OpTech Certificate Program Holds Graduation Ceremony
The Center for Rapid Product Development at the Air Force Institute of Technology held its third certificate completion ceremony earlier this month to honor graduates of the 2007 OpTech Certificate Program.
Updated: 06/22/2007
AFIT School Offers Life-Long Learning
Civil Engineer Squadron Command: The pinnacle of a career and thus the pinnacle of the curriculum at AFIT's Civil Engineer and Services School!
Updated: 06/12/2007
AFIT's Center for Cyberspace Research Leads AF and Cyber Command Efforts
AFIT and the Center for Cyberspace Research (CCR) is currently leading several efforts to develop the personnel resources and capabilities needed for success in the cyberspace warfighting domain.
Updated: 06/12/2007
AFIT IMSO Wins First-Ever IMSO Team of the Year Award
The International Military Student Officer team at the Air Force Institute of Technology won the first-ever Air Force IMSO Team of the Year Award for calendar year 2006. AFIT won in the “Small Activities Base” category.
Updated: 06/07/2007
SAME Awards Scholarships to Local Students
Twelve area students were awarded scholarships by the Kittyhawk Post of SAME, the Society of American Military Engineers. The scholarships were presented on 17 May at the monthly Post luncheon, held at the Hope Hotel and Conference Center.
Updated: 05/31/2007
NASIC-AFRL-AFIT Consortium Benefits Partners, Students, and Community
The Wright-Patterson MASINT Development Consortium aims to facilitate, enhance, and expand ongoing and planned Measurement and Signature Intelligence and Advanced Geospatial Intelligence activities on the base and in the Dayton area. Under its current structure, the WPMDC establishes a local-level, formal linkage between MASINT/AGI technology development, education, and user requirements.
Updated: 05/10/2007