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AFIT Students Conduct Payload Testing at Johnson Space Center
Air Force Institute of Technology students from the Graduate School of Engineering and Management's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics recently completed testing of their flight hardware experiment in preparation for an upcoming Shuttle mission, STS-123. Final testing is now underway at AFIT, with a planned delivery of the hardware to the Kennedy Space Center later on this year for a launch on the Shuttle in February 2008.
Updated: 07/10/2007
CESS Sustainable Design Curriculum “LEEDs” to Healthy and Efficient Buildings
Engineers are turning to the Civil Engineer and Services School at the Air Force Institute of Technology to reduce the impacts of our buildings and create healthy workplaces.
Updated: 07/09/2007
Operational Sciences Appoints New Department Head
Dr. Jeffery K. Cochran was recently named Department Head of the Department of Operational Sciences at AFIT's Graduate School of Engineering and Management.
Updated: 07/09/2007
Wild Ride at a Not-So-Wild Organization
AFIT School of Systems and Logistics Course Director shares experience as president of the local (Aviation) chapter of the American Society of Military Comptrollers.
Updated: 07/09/2007
OpTech Certificate Program Holds Graduation Ceremony
The Center for Rapid Product Development at the Air Force Institute of Technology held its third certificate completion ceremony earlier this month to honor graduates of the 2007 OpTech Certificate Program.
Updated: 06/22/2007
AFIT School Offers Life-Long Learning
Civil Engineer Squadron Command: The pinnacle of a career and thus the pinnacle of the curriculum at AFIT's Civil Engineer and Services School!
Updated: 06/12/2007
AFIT's Center for Cyberspace Research Leads AF and Cyber Command Efforts
AFIT and the Center for Cyberspace Research (CCR) is currently leading several efforts to develop the personnel resources and capabilities needed for success in the cyberspace warfighting domain.
Updated: 06/12/2007
AFIT IMSO Wins First-Ever IMSO Team of the Year Award
The International Military Student Officer team at the Air Force Institute of Technology won the first-ever Air Force IMSO Team of the Year Award for calendar year 2006. AFIT won in the “Small Activities Base” category.
Updated: 06/07/2007
SAME Awards Scholarships to Local Students
Twelve area students were awarded scholarships by the Kittyhawk Post of SAME, the Society of American Military Engineers. The scholarships were presented on 17 May at the monthly Post luncheon, held at the Hope Hotel and Conference Center.
Updated: 05/31/2007
NASIC-AFRL-AFIT Consortium Benefits Partners, Students, and Community
The Wright-Patterson MASINT Development Consortium aims to facilitate, enhance, and expand ongoing and planned Measurement and Signature Intelligence and Advanced Geospatial Intelligence activities on the base and in the Dayton area. Under its current structure, the WPMDC establishes a local-level, formal linkage between MASINT/AGI technology development, education, and user requirements.
Updated: 05/10/2007
AFIT School Smooths Pre-Deployment Requirements
AFIT's Civil Engineer and Services School coordinated with the CENTAF Services staff to combine pre-deployment preparation requirements for Services squadron commanders and superintendents. All requirements are now met via one 6-day TDY to the Services Contingency Course.
Updated: 05/10/2007
AFIT School of Systems and Logistics Supports the DoD Joint Logistics Educator’s Day
The AFIT/LS Sustainment Curriculum Portfolio management team worked with other Air Force organizations to present the SCP registry data base program as a model for a joint logistics education portfolio repository.
Updated: 05/10/2007
AFIT Chapter of SIE Named National Chapter of the Year
Of the more than 70 chapters of Sigma Iota Epsilon Management Honor Society at universities across the country, the Air Force Institute of Technology’s Sigma Beta Chapter of Sigma Iota Epsilon was named the national chapter of the year.
Updated: 05/01/2007
AFIT Professor Named Red Cross “Rookie Volunteer of the Year”
Maj. Laura Suzuki, assistant professor of mathematics at the AFIT’s Graduate School of Engineering and Management, was named the 2006 American Red Cross, Dayton Area Chapter, Rookie Volunteer of the Year.
Updated: 04/25/2007
AFIT Research Highlighted at E-Gov Knowledge Management Conference
Lt. Col. Danny Holt and Lt. Col. Summer Bartczak, faculty in AFIT's Department of Systems and Engineering Management, were featured as speakers at the E-Gov Knowledge Management conference held 3-5 April in Washington, D.C.
Updated: 04/10/2007
New Recycling Course Benefits All DoD Military Branches
AFIT’s Civil Engineer and Services School is proud to offer a new course to help meet the Department of Defense’s need to provide education for its installation recycling program managers.
Updated: 04/09/2007
AFIT Lessons Extend Beyond Classroom Walls
Each spring, AFIT foreign officer students travel to the nation’s capital for an educational visit spanning several days.
Updated: 04/09/2007
First Lean Event for Systems and Logistics Successful!
Over the years, the amount of student information has grown and, with it, so has the use of AFIT Form 63 student data cards. While most people look at this card as a simple “fill in the blanks” activity, it's really a major process with many touch points that requires hundreds of hours.
Updated: 04/09/2007
Secretary of the Air Force Addresses March 2007 AFIT Graduates
AFIT’s Graduate School of Engineering and Management held its March 2007 graduation ceremony at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. The graduating class was awarded 240 master’s degrees and five doctorates. Secretary of the Air Force Michael W. Wynne, himself a 1970 AFIT graduate, delivered the commencement address.
Updated: 03/23/2007
AFIT Students Make a Strong Showing at the 2007 International Conference on Information Warfare and Security
AFIT student research dominated the 2007 International Conference on Information Warfare and Security, held 8-9 March in Monterey, California.
Updated: 03/21/2007
Civil Engineers Educate Civilian Leaders of Tomorrow
Whether establishing bare-base operations, supporting provincial reconstruction efforts, or maintaining Air Force bases at home and abroad, “leading the way” simply could not happen without the contributions made by talented civilian engineers.
Updated: 03/13/2007
Acquisition Leaders of Tomorrow
As a Course Director at AFIT's School of Systems and Logistics, Lt Col John Nehr instructs and mentors many of the future leaders of Air Force weapon system acquisition. From what he's observed through classroom and personal interaction, the future of our Air Force is bright.
Updated: 03/13/2007
AFIT Student Receives Warfighting Integration Award
Air Force Institute of Technology student First Lt. Dustin J. Nowak has been honored with the General John P. Jumper Award for Excellence in Warfighting Integration.
Updated: 03/13/2007
AFIT Poised to Deliver Degrees via Distance Learning
With this pilot program in Systems Engineering, it is now possible for military members, DoD civilians, and government contractors across the country to earn a master’s degree from AFIT without moving to Ohio or leaving their current assignments.
Updated: 03/12/2007
Chief Terry Moore Named Senior Advisor
Chief Master Sgt. Terry Moore, a 2005 AFIT graduate, has been selected to serve as Senior Advisor on Enlisted Matters to Air Force Materiel Command A4.
Updated: 03/01/2007