ENC Seminar Series

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Interested speakers or visitors, please contact Benjamin Akers.  Unless otherwise posted, seminars will occur in B641, R228.

Winter 2015

12 Feb - Jonah Reeger (AFIT) - "On solutions of the Fourth Panleve Equation with no closed form"

26 Feb - Sritharan Sivaguru (NPS/AFIT) - "Rigorous Aspects of Incompressible & Compressible Fluid Dynamics"

Fall 2014

16 Oct - Dustin Mixon (AFIT) - "Phase retrieval: Approaching theoretical limits in practice"

21 Oct - David Ambrose (Drexel) - "Dispersion vs Backward Diffusion"

20 Nov -Ryan Kappedal (AFIT) - "Gravimetric Anomaly Detection using Compressed Sensing"

4 Dec - Benjamin  Akers (AFIT) - "Numerical Continuation Methods"

Spring 2014

5 June - Donna McClish (VCU) - "Evaluation of Test Accuracy in a Region around the Optimal Point"

8 May - Christine Anderson-Cook (LANL)  - "Comparing Individual Reliability to Population Reliability for Aging Systems"

3 Apr - Rich Warr (AFIT) - "First Passage Moments in Semi-Markov Processes"

 Winter 2014

13 Feb - Alexander Alekseenko (AFRL) -"The Development of Accurate Solvers for Gas Kinetic Equations Using Discontinuous Galerkin Methods"

20 Feb - Prakash Vedula (Oklahoma) - “Efficient Lattice Based Computational Methods For Non-equilibrium Flows”

27 Feb - Amanda Sue King (AFIT) - "An Evaluation of Joint Models Using Different Feature Extraction Metrics for Structural Health Monitoring"

6 Mar - Jesse Peterson (AFIT) - "Phase Retrieval with Projections"

13 Mar - Harry Khamis (WSU) - "Potential Research Problems from the WSU SCC"

Fall 2013 

31 Oct - Jonah Reeger (AFIT) - "A Comparison of Transcription Techniques for the Optimal Control of the International Space Station"

14 Nov - Amanda Criner (UD) - "Thermal nondestructive evaluation of porous materials"

21 Nov - John Dea (AFIT) - "Absorbing Boundary Conditions for the Fractional Wave Equation"




Fall 2015