Dr. Santasri R. Bose-Pillai

Research Faculty

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Comm: 937-255-3636 x4903
DSN: 785-3636 x4903
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Undergraduate Research Students

Andrew Braun: Speckle correlation with change in illumination angle (Summer 2012)

Zach Pollock:Evaluation of Atmospheric Refractive Index Gradient Variations from Time-Lapse Imagery (Summer 2014)

Jared Przelomski: Time-lapse Imaging, Refractive Bending, and Stitching Techniques (Summer 2015)

Matthew Current Jr. and Kevin Lee: Anisotropy Safari Using a Hartmann Turbulence Sensor (Summer 2016)

Sonya Sokhey: Characterizing Turbulence from Scintillation Measurements Using a Hartmann Turbulence Sensor  (Summer 2017)

Connor Murphy: Investigating Effect of Wind on Anisotropy using a Hartman Turbulence Sensor (Summer 2017)

Ryan Wood: Estimating Cn2 with Time Lapse Imagery (Summer 2017)


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