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Brent Russell is a Course Director and Instructor for the Air Force Institute of Technology School of Systems and Logistics (AFIT/LS). As Course Director, he teachers and manages continuing education courses for Science of Test, largely focusing on experimental design and increasing rigor in DoD testing. As an instructor, he also teaches courses in Reliability and Data Analytics

Prior to his current position in AFIT/LS, Mr. Russell was the lead researcher and analyst for the Test and Evaluation Research Consortium, under the direction of Dr. Ray Hill at AFIT.

Courses Taught

SOT 210, Science of Test Fundamentals for Managers

SOT 310, Experimental Design and Analysis I

SOT 410, Experimental Design and Analysis II

REL 210, Reliability Basics for Acquisition Professionals

REL 310, Reliability and Reliability Growth Foundations I

REL 410, Reliability and Reliability Growth Foundations II

WKSP 0658, Data Analytics for the Rest of Us

Areas of Interest & Consulting

Mr. Russell’s educational and consulting interest involve increasing and managing test rigor within a systems-visualization framework.


2014 Master of Science, Operations Research, Air Force Institute of Technology, Ohio

2009 Master of Education, Classroom Teaching, Wright State University, Ohio

2008 Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, Wright State University, Ohio

Academic Awards and Honors

Best in Track - Garee, M. J., Hill, R. R. and Russell, B. Fragment Capture Simulation for Missile Blast Test Optimization. Proceedings of the 2014 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Russell, B. D, Hill, R. R., Ahner, D. K. and Penmetsa, R. March 2015. Capturing Uncertainty in Fatigue Life data, International Journal of Reliability and Safety, Vol. 9, No. 1, 1-20.


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