Capt Paul A Weskalnies


Comm: 9372556565 x3553
DSN: 7856565 x3553
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Bachelors of Science - Engineering, Mechanical, Colorado School of Mines

Masters of Buisness Administration - Oklahoma State University

Masters of Science - Architectural Engineering, Univesity of Colorado



Deputy Director of Plans and Operation/Air Advisor, 435 CRSS, Ramstien AB, Germany

Portfolio Optimization, 8th CES, Kunsan AB, S. Korea

Chief of Construction and Design, 451 ECES, Kandahar AB, Afghanistan

Host Nation Construciton Coordinator, 379 ECES

Readiness and Emergency Management/Operations Support, 49 CES, Holloman AFB, NM


Courses Taught

WENG 460 - Introduciton to Mechanical Systems

WENG 466 - Energy Manager Policy

WTSS 464 - Certified Energy Manager

WENG 560 - Fundamentals of HVAC Design

WENG 561 - Applications of HVAC Design



 Engineer In Training, State of Colorado


Areas of Interest & Consulting

Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC) Design

Energy Management

Beddown Planning


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