COURSE:  WENG 571 Electrical Power Systems Design

OBJECTIVE:  The objective of this course is provide electrical engineers with the principles and procedures for the design and analysis of Air Force and other DoD electrical power systems.

DESCRIPTION:  This course provides electrical engineers with the knowledge, ability, resources, and techniques to effectively design, manage, and maintain their power systems. Topics include policy and guidance, fundamentals, generation, transmission and distributions systems, facility design, design estimation techniques, lighting, lightning protection systems, grounding, special occupancies, cathodic protection, life safety, airfield systems, contingency electrical systems, electrical safety, industrial control systems, energy security, infrastructure management, and energy management.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Military and civilian degreed electrical engineers or Professional Engineers responsible for the design and management of electrical systems

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Other degreed engineers, Project Managers, and Energy Managers

GRADE:   Officers: O1-O6; Enlisted: E4-E9; Civilians: GS-5-GS-14

PREREQUISITES:  Primary Audience: Degreed engineer or Professional Engineer; Successful completion of the distance learning (DVD/web-based) component to attend in-residence

Secondary Audience: WENG 470 and an understanding of vector algebra and complex numbers. Successful completion of the distance learning (DVD/web-based) component to attend in-residence.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Students should plan to spend 20 hours per week on course work.

DELIVERY METHOD:  10-weeks DVD/web-based followed by 1-week in-residence.

COURSE CREDIT:  12 CEUs in compliance with IACET standards

COURSE LENGTH:  10 weeks for DVD/Web-based and 1 week for Resident

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