Engineering Management
WENG 200 Scoping and Estimating
WENG 400 Life-Cycle Cost Estimating
WENG 440 Roofing Design and Management Course
WENG 460 Introduction to Mechanical Systems
WENG 466 Facility Energy Manager
WENG 470 Introduction to Electrical Systems
WENG 475 Contingency Electrical Systems
WENG 481 Contingency Facility Design
WENG 500 Cost Engineering
WENG 519 Air Force Installation Planning Principles
WENG 520 Comprehensive Planning Development
WENG 550 Airfield Pavement Design and Maintenance
WENG 555 Airfield Pavement Construction Inspection
WENG 560 Fundamentals of HVAC Design and Analysis
WENG 561 Applications of HVAC Design and Analysis
WENG 563 HVAC Control Systems
WENG 572 Facility Electrical Power Systems Design
WENG 573 Electrical Power Distribution Design and Analysis
WENG 574 Supplementary Electrical Power System Design
WENG 576 Electrical Power Systems Design Capstone
WMGT 101 Air Force Civil Engineer Basic Course
WMGT 131 SMS BUILDER Level 1 (Read Only rights)
WMGT 301 Introduction to Asset Management
WMGT 322 Introduction to Project Management Course
WMGT 400 Civil Engineer Commander/Deputy Course
WMGT 402 Unaccompanied Housing Leadership
WMGT 406 Housing Management Course
WMGT 409 Principles of Readiness and Emergency Management
WMGT 410 Readiness and Emergency Management Flight Commanders Course
WMGT 412 Fundamentals of Financial Management in Civil Engineering
WMGT 417 Activity Management
WMGT 420 Engineering Flight Commanders' Course
WMGT 421 Contracting for Civil Engineering Course
WMGT 422 Project Management Course
WMGT 423 Project Programming Course
WMGT 424 Real Property Management Course
WMGT 426 SABER Management Course
WMGT 427 Fire Emergency Services Flight Superintendent Course
WMGT 430 Operations Flight Commanders' Course
WMGT 433 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Flight Leadership Course
WMGT 436 Requirements & Optimization
WMGT 480 High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements
WMGT 513 Financial Management for Civil Engineer Leaders
WMGT 531 Installation Management Flight Commander Course
WMGT 570 Civil Engineer Superintendent Course
WMGT 571 Operations Flight Civilian Supervisor Course
WMGT 585 Contingency Engineer Command Course
WMGT 590 Joint Engineer Operations Course (JEOC)
Environmental Management
WENV 021 Introduction to Environmental Restoration Program Course
WENV 101 Introduction to Environmental Management Course
WENV 160 Qualified Recycling Program Management (ISEERB approved for all DoD Components)
WENV 175 Environmental Management in Deployed Locations Course
WENV 220 Unit Environmental Coordinator (UEC) Course
WENV 222 Hazardous Materials Management Process (HMMP) Course
WENV 350 Environmental Management Systems Auditing Course
WENV 417 Environmental Restoration Project Management Course
WENV 418 Environmental Contracting Course
WENV 441 Environmental Sampling Design and Data Quality Assurance Course (ISEERB Approved for all DoD Components)
WENV 450 Environmental Impact Analysis Process (EIAP) Course
WENV 521 Hazardous Waste Management Course
WENV 531 Air Quality Management Course (ISEERB approved for all DoD Components)
WENV 532 Advanced Air Quality Management Course (ISEERB Designated for all DoD Components)
WENV 541 Water Quality Management Course (ISEERB approved for all DoD Components)
Environmental Seminars
WESS 010 On-Demand AF RCRA Annual Refresher/Hazardous Waste Accumulation Seminar
WESS 031 Construction Site Stormwater Seminar
WESS 070 Hazardous Material Management Seminar
WESS 150 Proponent Responsibilities in EIAP Seminar
WESS 542 Environmental Quality Sampling
WHSS 206 Housing Referral and Relocation Management
WHSS 207 Furnishings Management
WHSS 310 Unaccompanied Housing Management
WHSS 312 Housing Privatization Management
WHSS 314 OCONUS Housing Management
WHSS 404 General Officer Quarters Management
WMSS 500 Civil P.E. Exam Review Seminar
WMSS 600 Advanced Base Civil Engineer Seminar
WMSS 670 Civil Engineer Superintendent Seminar
WMSS 700 Senior Civil Engineer Officer Seminar
WTSS 464 Certified Energy Management Technology
WTSS 518 Encroachment Management Worldwide Symposium
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