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WHAT: More Effective Planning through NEPA Process Integration
WHO: Mr. Mike Ackerman (AFCEC/CZN)
WHEN: 15 November at 1300 Eastern Time
AFCEC/CZN will present a discussion on leveraging the NEPA process to support better and more effective program/project planning.  Topics to be covered will include building adequate flexibility into the NEPA process, up-front planning considerations during project scoping, situationally dependent NEPA techniques for optimizing planning, and public/external agency involvement considerations.  The presentation will also discuss how to best synchronize the timing of NEPA execution with a proposal and also provide some recent NEPA program updates to ensure Air Force CE enterprise awareness.

ACCESS:  Registration opens at 1200 ET on the day of the broadcast at one of the following links:


If you would like to watch the presentation from a .mil domain, please follow the below link:


If you would like to watch the presentation from civilian internet provider, please follow this link:



If you are unable to attend the broadcast, a recording as well as the presentation slides, will be posted here:


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