The Civil Engineer School

Military Faculty Recruitment Process

The Civil Engineer School (CES)
Military Faculty Recruitment Process

The Faculty of the CES is composed of both military and civilian instructors who provide courses pertinent to the Civil Engineer career field.  CES's courses focus in management, environmental, and technology.

Direct Hire vs. Pipeline
Faculty members are hired one of two ways, direct hire or pipeline.  Direct hire is for individuals interested in becoming a faculty member and have already completed a masters degree or PhD program.  Pipeline or faculty prep is for future faculty members who have not completed an advanced degree program.  Individuals are hired and sent to earn a masters degree or PhD at a Civilian Institute (CI) or through the Air force Institute of Technology's graduate school with a 3 year follow on tour as a CES instructor. 

Application & PCS Timeline
The available positions are managed and controlled by AFPC. Notification of vacancies are sent through myPers via the 32E Assignments Officer. Advertisement for the vacant positions occurs in the spring each year. After completing the application requirements AFIT may select you for an interview. Interviews are held during the summer typically in July. If selected AFIT communicates with the DT (held in late summer) to ensure your next assignment is to AFIT. If a direct hire you will PCS to AFIT during the next year. If selected for a pipeline position you will PCS to a CI school the following summer. For example if you are selected for a pipeline position July of this year, you will PCS to school in August of next year.

Learn More Information
We intentionally don't provide all the information on our website. We want to talk to you about the position. We'll be able to answer your questions better if we know your history, passions, and assignment timing. So email or give us a call, even if you aren't sure if it's right for you. We'd be glad to tell you more about the positions that might align with your interests. Contact the individual below to learn more (he loves talking about it).

Faculty Recruitment Chairs

Capt Jason Hernandez
DSN 785-5654 x3526
Commercial:  937-255-5654 x3526
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Capt AJ Anderson,
DSN 785-5654 x3548
Commercial:  937-255-5654 x3548
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"Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher." Maggie Gallagher

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