Department of Engineering Physics

Department of Engineering Physics
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Applied Physics Program
Current as of: 12/19/2017

Degree Type: MS

The Graduate Applied Physics program offers a diverse and challenging curriculum leading to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. Check out AFIT Graduate Catalog for detailed degree information. The academic foundation of our program is built with traditional courses in electrodynamics, statistical physics, quantum mechanics and optical science. Applications form the second tier of our educational pyramid. They include available sequences in solid state physics, plasma physics, remote sensing, space physics and atmospheric science. Research is the educational capstone of both graduate degrees.

Our research interests are primarily focused on addressing technical challenges facing the Department of Defense. A list of recent theses and dissertations captures the breadth, excitement and significance of this activity. Your research may be linked to activities in two of AFIT&rsquo s Centers of Specialized Research,Center for Technical Intelligence Studies and Research (CTISR) or Center for Directed Energy (CDE)

Current research areas within applied physics include:

  • Lasers: Kinetics, Spectroscopy, Optical Diagnostics, Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer
  • Nonlinear Optics: Phase Conjugation, Beam Clean-Up and Combining, Fiber Lasers
  • Photonic Devices: Semiconductor Materials, Solid State Physics, VCSEL&rsquo s, MEM&rsquo s
  • Imaging: Adaptive Optics, Space Optics, Laser Beam Propagation, Phased Arrays
  • High Power Microwaves: Plasma Physics, Microwave Systems, Electromagnetics
  • Remote Sensing: Infrared Signatures, CBN Weapons Nonproliferation, Atmospheric Physics
  • Nuclear Physics: Forensics, Radiation Effects
  • Materials:  Sensor/Detector materials, Basic properties, Point Defects, Radiation Effects

Browse through website and get to know our faculty. Send your email inquiries to me or any faculty member. We&rsquo d be happy to tell you more about AFIT and Applied Physics. After hearing more, you are welcome to visit the campus and department. Consider joining us!


Welcome to Applied Physics, where the foundations of physics and today&rsquo s defense technologies join hands resulting in an exciting and rewarding graduate experience!

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