Cost Capability Analysis

Cost Capability Analysis

Program Description

The AFIT Cost Capability Analysis Certificate Program (CCACP) provides students with a thorough understanding of Decision Analysis and its ability to facilitate more structured and informed decision-making in both military and industrial applications. Topics include the formulation of decision problems, identification of objectives and their level of achievement, specific multiobjective analysis techniques, risk assessment, and facilitation skills for working with decision makers and technical experts. 

Admissions Requirements

In order to be considered for admission to the CCACP, candidates must meet the AFIT Graduate School of Engineering and Management requirements for admissions.

Degree Required: A completed bachelor's degree in an appropriate engineering or scientific discipline (mathematics, physical science, engineering, or computer science are highly desirable).

Mathematics Required: Successful completion of undergraduate calculus I, calculus II, and probability is required. 

GPA Required: Overall - 3.0; Mathematics - 3.0; Major - 3.0 

Waivers to the stated requirements may be granted on an individual basis as approved by the Department of Operational Sciences, through the CCACP Program Manager.

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Outcomes & Objectives

Program Outcomes

  • Knowledge of the fundamental principles of multi-objective decision analysis including structuring decision problems, identifying objectives and effective ways to measure them, and analysis techniques for obtaining insight from the models developed.

  • A thorough understanding of risk assessment, risk analysis, and cost estimation as well as their impact on the decision making process in both military and industrial applications.

  • Awareness of the intricacies of working with multiple stakeholders, often with conflicting priorities and preferences, and the necessary facilitation.

Degree Information

Degree Type: Certificate

Delivery Method: In-Residence

Degree Requirements

Successful completion of the CCACP requires a cumulative GPA on all course work of a 3.0 (based on a 4.0 scale). Cumulative time to completion is normally 5 quarters. All required courses must be completed within a four year time period. There are no exit examinations required, and no final project. However, there are numerous projects and assignments required in the various courses that give an opportunity for the student to apply their knowledge to broad problems. 

  • OPER 542 - Decision Analysis Using VFT

  • OPER 642 - Decision Analysis Under Uncertainty and Risk

  • OPER 638 - Assessing Operational Cost and Risk

  • OPER 743 - Decision Analysis Practice

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