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Nuclear College

Develop Nuclear Enterprise Airmen with a comprehensive understanding of nuclear deterrence, assurance, and the critical thinking skills and knowledge of nuclear deterrence and assurance challenges in the 21st Century.

Educating and motivating today’s and tomorrow’s Air Force Nuclear Enterprise leaders

Programs & Courses

Air Force Nuclear Certification Process Course

Purpose/Objective:  This course provides attendees with an understanding of the Air Force Nuclear Certification Process as prescribed by AFI 63-125, Nuclear Certification Program, by defining what nuclear certification is, discussing why nuclear certification is important, and describing how the nuclear certification process works.

Core Topics

  • Four Phases of the Nuclear Certification Process
  • Purpose of the Nuclear Certification Impact Statement and Certification Requirements Plan
  • Master Nuclear Certification List—purpose and use

Target Audience: Government personnel who are program managers, system product managers, single managers, equipment specialists, item managers at product and logistics centers, plans, requirements, and logisticians personnel, operations and maintenance personnel at field , NAF, MAJCOM and HQs AF levels engaged in developing, maintaining, sustaining or operating nuclear certified systems and equipment

2-day In-resident-4 times/year; MTT- ½ to 1 day courses

Primary Instructors/Facilitators: Nuclear College cadre

Air Force Nuclear Certified Equipment (NCE) Users Course


  • Enhance Air Force Nuclear Surety by increasing awareness of the responsibilities and requirements for personnel who operate, maintain, and manage NCE
  • Familiarize field users and other personnel with the basics of handling, managing, and reporting NCE

Core Topics: How and why equipment is nuclear certified; Requirements and responsibilities for the management of NCE; How to use the Master Nuclear Certification List; Determining NCE serviceability and certification status; Determining requirements for NCE deficiency reporting

Target audience: Equipment specialists, item managers at product and logistics centers, operations/maintenance personnel and NCE monitors/users at field, NAF, MAJCOM and HQs AF levels. All grade levels are welcome, but we recommend that personnel be in grade levels GS-5, E-5, O-1 or higher

Primary means of delivery is 1 day MTT

Primary Instructors/Facilitators: Nuclear College  cadre

Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico