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SYS 213 - Management of the Manufacturing Readiness Process

Current Offering Dates & Locations:
Offering Dates Location
20A-O O Oct 08 2019 - Oct 10 2019 Robins AFB, GA
20B-O O Nov 05 2019 - Nov 07 2019 Tinker AFB, OK
20C-O O Jan 07 2020 - Jan 09 2020 Edwards AFB, CA
20D R Feb 04 2020 - Feb 06 2020 AFIT - Wright-Patterson AFB (Area B), OH
20E-O O Mar 03 2020 - Mar 05 2020 Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
20F-O O Apr 07 2020 - Apr 09 2020 Eglin AFB, FL
20G-O O May 19 2020 - May 21 2020 Hill AFB, UT
20H-O O Jun 16 2020 - Jun 18 2020 Hanscom AFB, MA
20I-O O Aug 25 2020 - Aug 27 2020 Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
20J R Sep 15 2020 - Sep 17 2020 AFIT - Wright-Patterson AFB (Area B), OH

The Assessing Manufacturing Readiness Course is intended to prepare the student to integrate the DoD Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) Deskbook criteria and the DoD Manufacturing Readiness Assessment (MRA) process into the acquisition life cycle of DoD programs. The course will use examples based on actual Air Force MRAs, as well as the DoD MRL Deskbook, to educate students on the proper use of MRL criteria/methodology to assess the readiness of the critical manufacturing elements associated with that acquisition program. The course will also prepare the student to immediately participate in and/or conduct an accurate MRA and prepare a defensible MRA Report on an acquisition program. Students will learn how MRL criteria/methodology and MRAs are applicable throughout the lifecycle of DoD programs. Students will understand MRL terminology, the meaning of Manufacturing Readiness Levels (MRLs), the use of best practices, how to properly conduct an MRA, and how to manage manufacturing risk. Students will also become familiar with integrating MRL criteria and MRAs into contract language.

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Commercial: (937)255-7777 ext.255-7777 x3249
DSN: 785-7777 ext.255-7777 x3249


Grade Restrictions:
01-06, GS11-GS15

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Target Audience:
Acquisition and Sustainment Personnel

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3 Days



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