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LOG 238 - Critical Chain Project Management Foundational Concepts

Current Offering Dates & Locations:
Offering Dates Location
19B-O O Jan 15 2019 - Jan 17 2019 Tinker AFB, OK
19C-O O Feb 12 2019 - Feb 14 2019 Hill AFB, UT
19D-O O May 21 2019 - May 23 2019 Tinker AFB, OK
19E-O O Jun 04 2019 - Jun 06 2019 Edwards AFB, CA
19F-O O Jul 23 2019 - Jul 25 2019 Robins AFB, GA
19G-O O Aug 06 2019 - Aug 08 2019 Hill AFB, UT
19H R Sep 10 2019 - Sep 12 2019 AFIT - Wright-Patterson AFB (Area B), OH

The Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) Foundational Concepts course provides students with an introduction to critical chain project scheduling procedures, management tools and processes, and organizational requirements. Topics are presented in sufficient depth to allow students to successfully participate in the transition to and sustainment of CCPM as a primary workload planning, scheduling, and execution tool for Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM) and other project management activities. The course is designed for mid and upper level managers responsible for coordinating and directing the organizational resources, policies, and metrics necessary to implement and sustain CCPM. This course educates managers on the general theory of CCPM rather than providing training on any particular CCPM based scheduling software. In three class days, the course presents a detailed CCPM model and relates it to the Theory of Constraints, classical project scheduling, and continuous process improvement. Concepts are introduced through lecture, videos, and illustrated/reinforced through a number of simulations, exercises, and daily homework.

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The hosting unit determines class attendance/priority."? No student TDY funding is provided by AFIT. HQ AFMC/A4D will fund AFIT instructors to conduct two course offerings at each ALC. Any other course offering will be funded by the requesting organization. When HQ AFMC/A4D funds an offering, priority will be given to maintenance students.

Target Audience:
Open to anyone desiring / needing CCPM knowledge. Generally, the following AFSCs and Job Series are candidates to take this course: 62E, 63A, 21A / 343, 346, 895, 1101, 1152, and 2010.

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3 days



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