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LOG 109 - Fundamentals of Industrial Maintenance

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15G L Apr 29 2015 - May 26 2015 Web-BB Registration through POC
15H L May 27 2015 - Jun 23 2015 Web-BB Registration through POC
15I L Jun 24 2015 - Jul 21 2015 Web-BB Registration through POC
15J L Jul 22 2015 - Aug 18 2015 Web-BB Registration through POC
15K L Aug 19 2015 - Sep 15 2015 Web-BB Registration through POC

This course is designed to further the professional capability of military and civilian personnel as entry level employees assigned to the Department of Defense Depot Maintenance System. Depot maintenance business processes are examined to include Core, 50/50, DSOR, partnering, environmental management, depot maintenance workload process and material support. Also, depot maintenance aircraft, depot maintenance exchangeables and other current depot issues will be discussed. Student centered exercises will emphasize problem analysis, decision making, and forecasting. Additionally this course will illustrate a cross- functional view of the depot maintenance system and show the relationship between the various depot business units and their related high level processes.

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Commercial: (937)255-7777 ext.3217
DSN: 785-7777 ext.3217


Grade Restrictions:
E-4 to E-9, O-1 to O-3. GS-5 to GS-13

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Target Audience:
: AFSC: 21x Series Civ: 1101, 346, 895 or 1152

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14 Training Hours



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