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LOG 409 - Applied Concepts of Organizational Design

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18A L May 07 2018 - Jun 15 2018 Web-BB Registration through POC
18C L Aug 06 2018 - Sep 14 2018 Web-BB Registration through POC

An executive approach to building high performing organizations. Emphasis will be placed on contemporary management principles and techniques as embodied in the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. We will discuss a deeply rooted management approach of integrated methodologies, theories and systems that work together to provide focus, alignment and results throughout the entire organization.

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Commercial: (937)255-7777 ext.3217
DSN: 785-7777 ext.3217


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O-4 to O-6 E-8 to E-9 GS-12 to GS-15 (and equivalent) LRS Commanders/Leaders

Special Requirements:
The objective of this course is for students to become knowledgeable of topics, including strategic leadership, execution excellence, change management and implementation strategies, which will improve efficiencies and effectiveness of the operations they lead. Through case studies, understanding of key concepts and practical application, the learner will be introduced to tools for enterprise design opportunities within their own organizations.

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33 academic days



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