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AFIT Graduates Class of 248, March 2014
Posted Wednesday, April 02, 2014


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WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio - On March 27, 248 Air Force Institute of Technology engineering and management students received their diplomas at the National Museum of the United States Air Force.

" Maintain the bonds of the relationships you have forged during your time at AFIT," said Gen. Robin Rand, commander of Air Education and Training Command, during his keynote presentation. " Graduation from AFIT is a huge accomplishment, and few things will exceed the pride you feel when you receive your diplomas."

AFIT graduated 239 Masters and nine PhD degrees in 25 different research areas.

" Education and training are the fundamental foundation of our Air Force and why our unique AFIT mission is focused on advancing air, space, and cyberspace power for the Nation, its partners, and our armed forces. We do this by providing relevant defense-focused technical graduate and continuing education, research, and consultation, but the most important thing that makes AFIT different is our students," said Dr. Todd I. Stewart, AFIT Director and Chancellor.

During a ceremony earlier in the day at AFIT, some students were presented awards for their exemplary performance during their graduate studies. " The awards not only signify the recognition of what you have accomplished, but they also convey the trust that we have in you to accomplish more in the future," Dr. Adedeji Badiru, Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering and Management said during the awards ceremony.

Those presented awards included:

  • Capt. David Levene was presented the Chancellor's Award, who demonstrated the most exceptional individual master's thesis research.
  • Capt. Thomas Synovec received the Mervin E. Gross Award for his exceptional academic achievement and high qualities of character, initiative, and leadership. The award is named in honor of Brig. Gen. Mervin E. Gross, first commandant of the Institute.
  • Capt. Joshua Burger received the Louis F. Polk Award. The winner of this award has exhibited the highest standards of academic and professional accomplishment, and through their research made a significant contribution toward strengthening the nation's industrial defense base.
  • Capt. Matt Cherry received the Edwin E. Aldrin, Sr. Award, was presented for displaying the most exceptional leadership characteristics while in the graduate program.
  • Master Sgt. Carl Schuett received the Secretary James G. Roche Award for demonstrating exceptional academic achievement through a combination of grade point average and outstanding research, as well as high qualities of character, initiative, leadership and service.

Since AFIT's establishment in November of 1919, the institute has counted among its alumni some of the most accomplished engineers and scientists known worldwide, both past and present. This list includes Air Force pioneers Gen. George Kenney, Gen. Jimmy Doolittle, Gen. Bernard Schriever, Gen. Benjamin Chidlaw, Astronauts Virgil 'Gus' Grissom, Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin and Guion Bluford, to name a few.

AFIT first granted resident degrees in 1956 and since then more than 17,900 graduate and 660 doctor of philosophy degrees have been awarded.

Check out the photos from AFIT's Graduate School of Engineering and Management's March 2014 Graduation Ceremony!

2014 AFIT Graduates:


Master of Science
2nd Lt. Tony Liu
2nd Lt. Aaron A. Nelson*


Master of Science (Cyber Operations)
Capt. Justin R. Ball
Maj. Brian A. Beam (US Army)
Capt. Roland Bodenheim
Capt. James K. Crawford
Maj. Steven N. Feigh (US Army)
Capt. Daniel M. Gallagher
Capt. Arturo M. Garcia (US Army)
2nd Lt. Jordan S. Keefer
Capt. David W. King*
Capt. Joseph A. Marty (US Army)
Capt. Richard A. Meeker
Capt. Roger J. Ramstad
Master Sgt. Carl D. Schuett*
Technical Sergeant Adam J. Smith
Capt. Jessica R. Werling

Master of Science (Computer Science)
Capt. John M. Cobb
2nd Lt. Katherine B. Lyons
Capt. Solomon Y. Sonya

Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Capt. Jason M. Blackford
Capt. Scott D. Dalrymple
Capt. Jeremy M. Higbee
2nd Lt. Michael K. Seery

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
2nd Lt. Amy M. Abraham
2nd Lt. Richard C. Agbeyibor*
1st Lt. Fawwaz F. Alsubaie* (Saudi Arabia)
2nd Lt. Anthony T. Alt
Capt. Munson J. Anderson
Capt. Eduardo Barajas
Capt. Jason M. Barhorst
1st Lt. Matthew A. Bean
2nd Lt. Lindsay R. Cain
2nd Lt. Katherine L. Carroll
1st Lt. Alice W. Chan
Capt. Matthew P. Crosser*
Capt. Jesse Robert Cruz
Capt. Thea S. Danella
Capt. Michael W. Doroski
2nd Lt. Ryan M. Dowden
Capt. Matthew S. Flynn
Capt. Virginia R. Garrett
Capt. Brent H. Gessel
Capt. Ethan S. Hennessey
2nd Lt. Matthew L. Herold
Capt. Heath A. Honaker
Capt. Bemnnet W. Kebede
Capt. Russell P. Krones
2nd Lt. Tristan A. Latchu
Capt. Jonathan D. McGuire
Capt. Curtis C. Medve*
Capt. Eric W. Mote
2nd Lt. William E. Murphy
Capt. Michael M. Myers
2nd Lt. Richard A. Newberry
2nd Lt. James P. Orta
Capt. Rajan Pal
Capt. Richard W. Rademacher
Capt. Luis Rojas (Chile)
Flight Lt. Nicholas A. Rutherford (Australia)
Capt. Andrew J. Small
2nd Lt. Justin T. Soeder
Capt. Christopher L. Stilson
Capt. Tyler D. Stubbs
Capt. Jared J. Thompson*
1st Lt. Isaac J. Thornton
Mr. Thang M. Tran
2nd Lt. Allan D. Tuma
2nd Lt. Matthew J. Vincie
2nd Lt. Kaitlin A. Werling
1st Lt. Nicholas M. Westing
Ms. Kara M. Willis
Capt. Jason E. Wyman
2nd Lt. Jennifer S. Yeom
2nd Lt. Angela J. Zeqollari
2nd Lt. Kyle K. Ziegler


Master of Science (Optical Sciences & Engineering)
Mr. Sean M. Baumann
Maj. Seth M. Swift

Master of Science in Applied Physics
Capt. William B. Clements
1st Lt. Keriann A. Delorme
Capt. Kyle J. Dufaud
2nd Lt. Coy C. Fischer
2nd Lt. Eli A. Garduno*
Capt. Joel G. Holder
Capt. Haley A. Homan
Capt. Jeremy J. Hromsco*
2nd Lt. Christopher J. McGahan
Capt. Sarah J. Myers
Capt. Jose O. Negrette-Fernandez
2nd Lt. Robert A. Raynor*
2nd Lt. Joshua Reding
2nd Lt. Dushyant A. Sadhwani
2nd Lt. Gordon M. Spahr
Capt. Ryan L. Tervo
Capt. Kyle R. Thurmond
2nd Lt. Stephen D. Wakefield
2nd Lt. Keith A. Wyman

Master of Science (Materials Science)
Capt. James M. Bondy
Capt. Hans G. Korth
Capt. Edward C. Schneider
Maj. Matthew J. Quinton
Mr. Gary A. Willey

Master of Science (Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction)
Maj. Matthew A. Greb (US Army)

Master of Science (Nuclear Engineering)
Maj. Andrew W. Decker (US Army)
1st Lt. Timothy P. Genda
Capt. Jeffrey J. Graham
Capt. Andrew G. Lerch (US Army)
Capt. Tyrone A. Ospino (US Army)
1st Lt. Tyler R. Peery
Capt. Matthew C. Recker
Capt. Timothy A. Tryon

Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering
1st Lt. Benjamin N. Abner
Maj. Matthew L. Gettings (US Army)
Maj. Christopher A. Lenyk


Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Capt. Matt J. Cherry*
Capt. Amber J. El-Amin
Capt. Bryngel J. Erickson
Capt. Jacob C. Jensen
Capt. Arthur R. Litchfield
Capt. Jose A. Quintanilla
Capt. Wesley A. Sheppard
Maj. Adrienne Stahl
Capt. Luke R. Stover

Master of Science in Operations Research
2nd Lt. Sara Bangert
1st Lt. Ugur Erdemir (Turkey)
Maj. Garret D. Fett (US Army)
Maj. Charles M. Flores (US Army)
Capt. Timothy D. Frawley
1st Lt. Michael J. Garee
2nd Lt. Raymond V. Gutierrez
Capt. James A. Jablonski* (US Army)
Capt. Christopher M. Jones
Capt. Tanya E. Kannon*
Maj. Sean K. Keneally (US Army)
Maj. Umar M. Khan
2nd Lt. Michael V. MacAndrew
Capt. Ian M. McCormack (US Army)
Maj. Kristy L. Moore
2nd Lt. Emily K. Power
2nd Lt. Jonathan S. Turner
Maj. Jesse Wales
Capt. Marc R. Ward
2nd Lt. Jonathan D. White


Master of Science in Cost Analysis
Capt. Helen L. Barfield
Capt. Joshua D. Johnson (US Army)
2nd Lt. Jacob L. Petter

Master of Science (Engineering Management)
Master Sgt. Corey J. Perkins

Master of Science in Engineering Management
Capt. Scott D. Adamson*
Capt. Daniel C. Amack
Capt. James M. Bell
Capt. Grant R. Bloom
Capt. Edward J. Brouch
Capt. Stanton Brown
Capt. Jared D. Casebolt
Capt. Mark B. Chinery
1st Lt. Denis S. Clayson
Capt. Richard T. Ellis
Capt. Sean V. Granier
Capt. Steven L. Mackinder
Capt. Sean Marshall
Capt. Andrew J. Pack
Capt. Rebecca L. Ponder
Capt. Kevin J. Porter
Master Sgt. James D. Rhoads
Capt. John P. Richwine
Capt. Michael J. Spencer
Capt. Thomas M. Synovec
Capt. Mario H. Tellez
Capt. David J. Wilson

Master of Science in Environmental Engineering and Science
Capt. Kelsey L. Duckworth* (US Marine Corp)
Maj. Scott T. King
Capt. Christopher J. Reardon (US Marine Corp)
Maj. Tho N. Tran

Master of Science in Industrial Hygiene
Capt. Christopher S. Bates
Maj. Christopher W. Edwards
Capt. Tiffany R. Heline*
Maj. Marc P. Sylvander

Master of Science (Systems Engineering)
Master Sergeant Yared M. Abegaz
Capt. Joseph S. Kim
2nd Lt. Robert J. Poisson*

Master of Science in Systems Engineering
Capt. Benjamin M. Bennett
Capt. Joshua A. Burger
Capt. Allen J. Deneve
Ms. Justine Jeroski
Capt. Jacob L. Lambach
Capt. Kurt A. Mitchell
Capt. Charles J. Neal
Capt. Jason W. Sutherlin
Mr. Stephen R. Sweetnich
2nd Lt. Kalyn A. Tung


Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering
2nd Lt. Ruben Adorno-Rodriguez
Capt. Christopher J. Alban
Mr. Jon M. Aspinwall
Capt. Brian W. Babis
2nd Lt. James P. Basel
Capt. Andrew J. Brinker
Lt. Cmdr. Zachary R. Brown (US Navy)
Capt. Benjamin A. Christensen
Capt. Devin K. Dalton
Capt. Christopher J. Damele
Capt. Garrett E. Dilley
Capt. Luke C. Dras
Mr. Richard Fields*
Capt. Mark D. Gabbard*
Maj. Lars C. Johnsen
Capt. Robert C. Latta
Capt. David L. Levene*
Capt. Mei-Ling Liber
2nd Lt. Riley A. Livermore
2nd Lt. Mark R. Mataczynski
Capt. Nathaniel Meier
2nd Lt. Justin D. Merrick
Capt. Jose L. Miranda
Capt. Dominic A. Perry
Capt. Joshua A. Rittenhouse
Capt. Jared M. Rupp
Capt. Heather M. Stickney
Capt. Christopher D. Terpening
Capt. Jason W. Thomas
Capt. Brett D. Tillman
Capt. Daniel J. Welsh
Capt. Zachary L. White
Capt. Michael P. Wilkinson
2nd Lt. Dustin Woodside*

Master of Science in Astronautical Engineering
2nd Lt. Evelyn A. Abbate
2nd Lt. Erin R. Dannemeyer
Capt. Elizabeth-Ann R. Deneve
Capt. Adam B. Dunk
2nd Lt. Warren C. Grunwald
Capt. Daniel M. Hatzung
Capt. Jason C. Heller
2nd Lt. Kyle D. Kenerley
Capt. Brian W. Kester
Capt. Megan A. Schaffer
Capt. Rebecca A. Unruh

Master of Science (Materials Science)
Capt. Dustin J. Bertrand
Capt. Skyler R. Hilburn

Master of Science (Space Systems)
1st Lt. Rasit Abay* (Turkey)
Capt. William J. Digiacomo
*Distinguished Graduates

Doctor of Philosophy
Capt. Brook I. Bentley**
Lt. Col. Corey M. Broussard
Maj. Rodolfo Buenatello-Herandez**
Lt. Col. Anthony M. Deluca**
Lt. Col. Daniel D. Doyle**
Mr. Jonathan W. Evans
Maj. Jason K. Freels**
Mr. Brandon M. Greenwell
Mr. Alex Gutman**
Mr. Daniel Hack**
Mr. Thomas R. Harris
Mr. Tony D. Kelly**
Capt. Garrison J. Lindholm
Mrs. Gracie Y. Paek-Spidell
Maj. Michael D. Seal**
Mr. Christopher A. Stevens
Maj. Samuel J. Stone**
Lt. Col. Jeremy Stringer**
Capt. Joel R. Turinetti
Maj. Vhance V. Valencia**
Maj. Gregory Van Dyk**
Ms. Karmon M. Vongsy

**Graduates from previous years, who were unable to attend graduation ceremonies who returned to participate in graduation.

(In Absentia)
Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering
Maj. Lars C. Johnsen

Master of Science in Systems Engineering
Capt. Jacob L. Lambach