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Earth's backup plan: AFIT Alum Roger Hunter at TEDxUGA
Posted Monday, July 14, 2014


AFIT alum Roger Hunter (M.S. Space Operations, 1984) recently presented a TED talk at TEDxUGA.  Mr. Hunter has been working with NASA for over 6 years, and his talk focused on results of one NASA mission (Kepler), and the planned NASA Astrophysics Roadmap for the coming decades.

Watch the full video here

Do we need another earth? With population rising and natural resources being depleted, it's possible that we may indeed need to look outside our own solar system for solutions. Roger Hunter, the manager of NASA's Kepler Mission, lets us in on NASA's plan to explore other worlds and galaxies far, far away in hopes to find a life bearing planet outside our solar system. He draws on the last century of space exploration to show us that all dreams seem impossible until they are achieved.