Dr. Bradley S. Liebst, Professor of Aerospace Engineering

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Conferences Invited

1.   W. L. Garrard and B. S. Liebst, "Active Flutter Suppression Using Eigenspace Techniques", Proceedings of the First Annual NASA Aircraft Controls Workshop, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia, Oct 25-27, 1983. Printed in NASA Conference Publication 2296.

2.   B. S. Liebst and W. L. Garrard, "Application of Eigenspace Techniques to Design of Aircraft Control Systems", Proceedings of the American Control Conference, Boston, Mass., June 1985.

3.  M. Gaudreault, R. Bagley and B. S. Liebst, "Simultaneous Design of Active Vibration Control and Passive Viscoelastic Damping", Proceedings of the Second International Congress on Recent Developments in Air-and Structure Borne Sound and Vibration, Auburn, AL, March 4-6, 1992.

4.  D. DeHart and B. S. Liebst, "Simultaneous Composite Tailoring and Bending Control Optimization for Damping the Torsional Vibration of a Plate", Proceedings of the 1995 Advanced Aerospace Materials and Processes Conference, Anaheim, CA, May 8-12, 1995.

5.  B. S. Liebst, “Pilot-Induced Oscillations (PIO): Causes and Corrections”, Proceedings of the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences 13th International Session of the 37th Aircraft Symposium, Tokyo, Japan, October 13-15, 1999.

6.  B. S. Liebst, “The Design of Pilot Command Filters To Prevent Pilot-Induced Oscillations (PIO)”, Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Aerospace Science and Aviation, Cairo, Egypt, May 13-15, 2003.

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