Dr. Meir N. Pachter, Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering

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MS Thesis Advised

1. Defender-Assisted Evasion Maneuvers, Roger Anderson, AFIT-ENG- MS-18-M-007

2. An Investigation of the Homicidal Chauffeur Differential Game, Sean Coates, AFIT-ENG-MS-17-M-015

3. Visual-INS Using a Human Operator and Converted Measurements, Turner J. Montgomery, AFIT-ENG-MS-16-M-036

4. Counter Weapon Control, Brian Roadruck, AFIT-ENG-MS-15M-056

5. Pilot-Assisted INS Aiding Using Bearings-Only measurements Taken Over Time, Anthony Mirabile, AFIT-ENG-MS-15M-015

6. Automated Driftmeter Fused with Inertial Navigation, Allan D. Tuma, AFIT-ENG-14M-79

7. Signal Processing in Cold Atom Interferometry-Based INS, Kara Willis, AFIT-ENG-14M-84

8. Inertial Navigation System Aiding Using Vision, James Q. Quarmyne, AFIT - ENG -13-M-40

9. Covariance Analysis of Vision Aided Navigation by Bootstrapping, Andrew Relyea, AFIT/GE/ENG/12-36 (March 2012)

10. A Relay-Rover Differential Game, Youngdong Choi, AFIT/GAE/ENY/11- J06 (June 2011)

11. The Navigation Potential of Ground Feature Tracking, Guner Mutlu, AFIT/GE/ENG/09-SEP.

12. System Identi cation of an on Orbit Spacecraft's Antenna Dynamics, Christopher Sylvester, AFIT/GA/ENG/09-J01.

13. Optimal Guidance of a Relay MAV for ISR Support Beyond Line Of Sight, John Hansen, AFIT/GAE/ENG/08.

14. Collision Avoidance for UAVs Using Optic Flow Measurement with Line OF Sight Rate Equalization and Looming, Paul J. Shelnutt, AFIT/GE/ENG/08- 26

15. Controller Design for Accurate Antenna Pointing Onboard a Spacecraft, Victor Barba-Sorra, AFIT/GAE/ENG-07-03.


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