Dr. Gilbert L. Peterson


Comm: 937-255-3636 x4281
DSN: 785-3636 x4281
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Courses Taught

CSCE 000                   Research Seminar                                                                                                        Fa02

CSCE 086       Introduction to Data Structures and
Algorithms – Review                                                                                      Fa02

                        CSCE 523                   Introduction to Artificial Intelligence                                                Wi03, Wi04,

Wi05, Wi06, Wi07, Wi08, Wi09, Wi10, Wi11, Wi12, Wi13

                        CSCE 527                   Cyber Forensics                                                                                                          Su04, Su05, Su06,

Su07, Su08, Su09, Su10, Su11, Su12

                        CSCE 531                   Discrete Math                                                                                                             Fa02, Wi03

                        CSCE 532                   Automata and Formal Language Theory                                Wi10

                        CSCE 544                   Data Security                                                                                                              Sp12

                        CSCE 623                   Artificial Intelligence Systems Design                                   Sp03, Sp04, Sp06,


                        CSCE 723                   Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence                 Su03, Su04, Su05,

Su06, Su07, Su08,

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