Dr. Gilbert L. Peterson, PhD

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Comm: 937-255-3636 x4281
DSN: 785-3636 x4281
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Courses Taught

CSCE 000       Research Seminar                                                           Fa02

CSCE 086       Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms – Review      Fa02

CSCE 523       Introduction to Artificial Intelligence                                     Wi03-Wi18, W20-

CSCE 527       Cyber Forensics                                                                Su04-

CSCE 531       Discrete Math                                                                    Fa02, Wi03

CSCE 532       Automata and Formal Language Theory                                Wi10

CSCE 544       Data Security                                                                    Sp12

CSCE 623       Statistical Machine Learning                                               Sp03-Sp07

CSCE 723       Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence                               Su03-Su08, Fa12, S19

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