Lt Col Jeffrey R. Komives, Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering

Lt Col Jeffrey R. Komives is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology’s Graduate School of Engineering and Management, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. 

Lt Col Komives received his commission in 2003 through the Reserve Officer’s Training Corps following his graduation from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. His assignments include aeronautical and electronic warfare engineering, as well as serving as a squadron assistant director of operations and wing executive officer. He has had an operational deployment to Operation ENDURING FREEDOM where he provided subject matter expertise for IED defeat. 


B.S., Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 2003

M.S., Aeronautical Engineering, Air Force Institute of Technology, WPAFB, OH, 2009

Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 2016


Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) AFIT Outstanding Military Faculty Award, 2018

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics Field Grade Officer of the Year, 2017


Refereed Articles

Oddo, R., Hill, J.L., Reeder, M.F., Chin, D., Embrador, J., Komives, J., Tufts, M., Borg, M. and Jewell, J.S., (2021). Effect of surface cooling on second-mode dominated hypersonic boundary layer transition. Experiments in Fluids, 62(7).

Tommila, C. D., Hartsfield, C. R., Redmond, J. J., Komives, J. R., & Shelton, T. E. (2021). Performance Impacts of Metal Additive Manufacturing of Very Small Nozzles. Journal of Aerospace Engineering, 34(2).

Reinert, J. D., Candler, G. V., & Komives, J. R. (2020). Simulations of unsteady three-dimensional hypersonic double-wedge flow experiments. AIAA journal, 58(9).

Knight, D., Chazot, O., Austin, J., Badr, M.A., Candler, G., Celik, B., de Rosa, D., Donelli, R., Komives, J., Lani, A. and Levin, D., (2017). Assessment of Predictive Capabilities for Aerodynamic Heating in Hypersonic Flow. Progress in Aerospace Sciences.


Manuscripts accepted based on refereed abstract

Thompson, R. J., & Komives, J. R. (2019). Compressible Flow Through a Diffusing Serpentine Inlet Duct Assessed with Wall-Modeled Large Eddy Simulation. In AIAA Aviation 2019 Forum.

Elliott, O. S., Greendyke, R., Jewell, J. S., & Komives, J. R. (2019). Effect of CO2 Concentration in the Hypersonic Boundary Layer on Second Mode Disturbances. In AIAA Aviation 2019 Forum.

Elliott, O. S., Greendyke, R., Jewell, J. S., & Komives, J. R. (2019). Effect of Carbon-based Ablation Products on Boundary Layer Stability. In AIAA Scitech 2019 Forum.

Oren, E., Komives, J. & Peterson, D. (2018). Large Eddy Simulation of Three Dimensional Wall Effects in a Scramjet Cavity Flameholder. In 2018 AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference & Aviation Forum (Summer 2018)

Gross, K., Komives, J., Kerst, A. & Oren, E. (2018). Investigation of a Scramjet Flowfield with Hyperspectral Imaging Augmented by Large Eddy Simulation. In 53rd 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics.

Marco, N., & Komives, J. R. (2018). Wall-Modeled Large Eddy Simulation of a Three-Dimensional Shock-Boundary Layer Interaction. In 2018 AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting

Kerst, A., Rhoby, M., Gross, K. C., Oren, E. P., Komives, J. R., & Ombrello, T. (2017). Preliminary Investigation of a Scramjet Flowfield with Hyperspectral Imaging. AIAA paper 2017-3554, 33rd AIAA Aerodynamic Measurement Technology and Ground Testing Conference.

Reinert, J. D., Gs, S., Candler, G. V., & Komives, J. R. (2017). Three-Dimensional Simulations of Hypersonic Double Wedge Flow Experiments. In 47th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference (p. 4125). AIAA paper 2017-4125, 47th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference

Komives, J. R., Subbareddy, P. K., and Candler, G. V. (2016). Development and validation of a LES turbulence wall model for compressible flows with heat transfer. AIAA paper 2016-0586, 54th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting.

Komives, J. R., Nompelis, I., and Candler, G. V. (2014). Numerical investigation of unsteady heat transfer on a double wedge geometry in hypervelocity flows. AIAA paper 2014-2354, 44th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference.

Komives, J., and Greendyke, R (2009). Development of coupled flowfield-radiation solution methods in ablative environments. AIAA paper 2009-1031, 47th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting.



Komives, J. R. (2016). Development and Validation of a Turbulence Wall Model for Compressible Flows with Heat Transfer. PhD thesis, University of Minnesota.

Komives, J. R. (2009). Development of non-uniform radiation solution methods for atmospheric re-entry using detailed thermal modeling. Master’s thesis, Air Force Institute of Technology.

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